I Want you To Buy ME A Car

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If you haven’t read My first birthday blog posted last week, then do so NOW!!! Click here to read it. 

Yes, you read the title correctly. I want you to buy ME a car. Now I am pretty certain that there arent many that would even consider doing this, or have the means to. This blog is for the rare specimen that could actually afford to either 1. take out a loan to send to ME so that I may buy a car ( providing you arent in a ton of DEBT, and can afford the monthly payments comfortably), or 2. are wealthy enough to send Me a LARGE tribute to purchase a new car as I deserve!

I just can not stop thinking about it! This would be such a HUGE sacrifice, and SO insanely pleasing and hot!! Ahhh~ This is what MY daydreams and fantasies are made of!! 😉 Right now I am driving a leased vehicle that is slave paid for each month. I am done leasing and ready to own!

I am open to slaves collaborating on this as well 😉 I will need around 20k total, as I already have a slave putting in 10k . I mean, nothing is too much or too good for ME! I don’t want anyone in debt over this, but a responsible slave/s with minimal debt could EASILY do this and pay it off with low interest!

Just think about how GOOD it is going to feel to REALLY sacrifice for ME, and give ME something that I truly want! So that all of MY hard earned slave money can continue to go untouched, growing in all of My accounts! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Like, I REALLY want this to happen. It will make you stand out. Don’t Make Me Wait!!!!!!!!!

Contact Me if you are ready to sacrifice to this level!!!

XoXo You NEED Me.

Goddess Haylee









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