Hypnotic Haylees Hypno Lotto ! Win Mind Melting Mantra FREE!


It is time for me to throw another hypno lotto giveaway! As many of you know, I have held these lottos on various sites, but this is the first time hosting it on my website. I’d like to give everyone an opportunity to participate!

Here are the rules: The winner will receive my mind melting mantra mp3 completely free. You can click HERE to view the file and listen to a sample.

* You MUST comment on this blog post with any number between 1 and 200. You can only comment once.

* You must also include an answer to the following question ” Explain to me how good it feels to have your thoughts washed away into the words of a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female. ”

* If you already have this file, you can still play, and if you win, you choose who gets the file!

* Anyone can pick any number, its okay if there are repeats. If the winning number is picked more than once, each person receives the file for free who chose the winning number.

Your entry will not count if you do not follow the above rules.

I will announce the winner sometime tomorrow night(wednesday night est), so get your entry in before then!

The number will be chosen at random, using a random online generator.

The winner will be asked to email me so that I can respond to the email with the file.

Have fun! This file has had remarkable feedback, so you will be so lucky to win and have your mind melted by me~



  1. Rob Jeffrey says:

    #18, it feels like i’m so relaxed and i love the feeling of being controlled, it just lets me lose all thoughts and give in to your control, the best feeling ever

  2. davesweak says:

    my # choice is 157
    To have my thoughts washed away into the words of a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female is to lose myself in Her perfection. There is a sweet feeling of peaceful bliss tinged with a hint of darkness that feels more exquisite than anything else i know. In those moments it is as though i don’t even exist, my whole identity lost in Her Will and nothing else matters. All is right in the world, as i am in my proper place and She in Hers – my nothingness swallowed up in Her wholeness. It is in those timeless moments that i am fulfilled in a way that i never can be otherwise, for that is my truth.

  3. ben says:

    #41 It feels so great to be able to let go and give up control of my thoughts to someone more capable that i worship while i pretend to be in control.

  4. Nate says:

    It feels positively blissful. There is a fear in talking with a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female, the fear of not knowing what she will do to me. When the fear is washed away there is nothing left but submission and the knowledge that I am in the proper place.

  5. PsyR says:

    Having my thoughts washed away into You words feel like a whole new kind and level of freedom : letting go completely of everything including myself and giving in to You words, to Your commands, to Your will.
    No more responsability, no more thoughts, no more will, only blissful surrender. The world disappears and it’s only You and me, until there is no more me, only You. And my world is You.
    When under Your complete control, I’m just an empty cup being filled with You with absolutely no resistance, drinking Your words, flowing effortlessly. In this case, it’s the cup that takes the shape and becomes the water.
    And of course the pleasure of waking up anew, changed, filled with Your bliss, Your words and Your presence. Washed clean.
    Sometimes I am burning with so much arousal, so much aching, obedience and surrender, that I feel no existing words can describe it. It’s a “yes, yes, Goddess, I am Yours, I will obey everything You say, please, more” state and at that moment, it’s almost as if Your words are the only air I’m breathing. You become the oasis for the man lost in a desert for days.
    You are The beautiful, strong and dominant Goddess, and having You inside me, washing me away completely as I surrender fully to Your control is absolute bliss.

    number : 23

  6. Aimeekisses says:

    Oh Beautiful Goddess! I already have this file but I LOVE to express the way that you make me feel. To have my thoughts washed away into the words of a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female just makes me clinch my teeth tightly together with squinty eyes from arousal.. just to type that line out makes me feel the effects of having my thoughts washed away by beautiful powerful strong dominant female! My heart becomes racey along with heavier breathing. It effects me so powerfully just thinking about how good it feels to have my Goddess implant her words, triggers, and commands deep into my mind! OMG, how can I accurately describe something that makes me so hot, and arouses me so much? I don’t know if it is classified as a “fetish” or not but the mental changes feel like her words are like crashing waves of fresh spring water washing over my mind to cleansing it of all impurities that don’t belong there and replacing those thoughts with thoughts of servitude, slavery, pleasing, aching, and needing more, and more of that beautiful, power, strong, dominant females words in your mind causing you to only be able to think about Her. *pure bliss* It feels SO GOOD, so refreshing, so empowering to live a new life devoted to humbly serving and bowing to a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female. It feels so good to say it. There is just something about submitting to, and letting a alpha female call all of the shots in my life, humbling down to her, and letting her wash away my thoughts to tell me what I SHOULD think that extremely arouses me, makes me sooo weak, so obedient, so aching, and desiring of them. I can’t get enough of it! I NEED it. It’s the most gratifying feeling in the entire world. The deeper the words sink into my mind, and cause me to ache for them even when i’m not listening to their words reminds me just how powerful the hypnosis is. It feels so amazing, to crave the words of a beautiful, strong, powerful, dominant female (yum) so much that you lay helplessly in your bed and just squirm, convulse, moan, whimper, ache, and desire them so much that you don’t even need to be touched because the power of their words can make you feel the blissful aching of wanting them! Her words go deep into your mind, and cause you to feel things that only she can make you feel. To have my thoughts washed away feels mind blowing, and it’s totally for me! I know everyone is wired differently but for me having my thoughts washed way by a beautiful strong dominant female and becoming susceptible to their hypnosis, their control, to become more desiring of their pleasure hits the spot for me. MY Goddess, Haylee Lynn is definitely a BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, DOMINANT FEMALE! She is the perfect speciman of a woman imo! I love listening, letting her words sink in, and letting her control take over. It’s good for me. She is good for me. I love my Goddess. 🙂

  7. Thomas says:

    Thank You Goddess Haylee for Your great kindness!
    It feels wonderful to follow a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant Woman. Women are the true leaders in this world and i feel so grateful when a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant Woman gives me Her attentation and wash my own thoughts away. A beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant Woman’s word is more than Gold. It is the only way for a man to be happy.
    Thank You Goddess Haylee for Your great kindness!

  8. ForeverSlave of Haylee says:

    I chose 26
    “Explain to me how good it feels to have your thoughts washed away into the words of a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female. ”
    It is the most wonderful feeling in the whole wide world, to simply relax completely and surrender to the lovely, veltety voice of the most hypnotic person on the planet

  9. David Huhn says:

    My number is 34

    It feels so good to have my thoughts washed away by the beautiful words of the one true Goddess Haylee, i ache to listen to Her words all the time!

  10. orion says:

    # 68
    Having my thoughts washed away by Haylee’s words is like your first love leading you by the hand to a secluded place where the rest of the world and all of your cares simply no longer matter….there is only Her, only Her words.

  11. aching4haylee says:

    The feeling of having my thoughts washed away into Goddess Haylee is akin to a constant anticipation of climax all the time! The aching, the needing, the wanting for goddess’ approval, attention, pleasure. There really is nothing like it! Goddess is the perfect and highest example of a strong, confident, powerful, and beautiful woman, bar none! To have my thoughts washed away into her, would simply make me a better man, for her thoughts and words are better than mine and they bring such pleasure with them. I Ache for her and feel so good for her right now as I write this!! Love you goddess Haylee!

  12. Mav says:

    I choose 133.

    To answer the question “How good does it feel…?” Well, very good, obviously, or else I wouldn’t be caught up in this potent mixture of fetishes designed to weaken and enslave enslave any man who submits to the conditioning. As much as I wish I could proclaim I want to unselfishly serve Haylee, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t getting something out of it. It’s a peculiar form of intimacy to share the same mind-space with someone you admire (love?) and trust, that is difficult to get in a normal relationship and unheard of amongst strangers. I mean, where else can you go to hear a woman purring in your ear, “I’m inside of you…” and actually feel it’s true? It’s a rare and precious thing we slaves enjoy, where even “the price” becomes twisted into something we beg to pay.

    Thank you, Haylee.

  13. JohnforHaylee says:

    To fall into a state of relaxation and to let my thoughts drift away is always enjoyable. It is just not easy to do all the time. So listening to someone skilled in hypnosis is very helpful. But when the hypnotist is a dominant woman, it is a frightening proposition. Can you trust her? She seduces you with her beauty, “Look into my eyes.” Yearning to relax, but feeling the risk of her taking advantage of your weakness. Only the most skilled hypnotist can walk such a tightrope! Bringing you to a state of total relaxation, arousal, as you feel an almost daredevil risk of letting go of all resistance and being open to her suggestion, this is the spell of Hypnotic Haylee. This is bliss!

  14. Matthew says:


    It feels amazing to trance for you and to have you wash away my thoughts and make me yours. I am in control in my day to day life, all the time. Being yours is incredible.

  15. tinsywinky says:


    Beautiful, as you walk into my mind.
    Powerful, as you control my thoughts.
    Strong, as you make me weak before you.
    Dominant, as you evoke my obedience.
    Female, as you exemplify your sex.

  16. Eric Draven says:

    My number I choose is 27
    The feeling of having my thoughts washed away by YOU is a true meaning of Bliss. It’s a feeling of clarity and purpose that of I found my true calling in life to serve YOU. I was lost but I found YOU now I know my true goal in life to make sure you’re pleased with the best of my abilities. I am your slave, property, and plaything. It’s such an amazing feeling to be OWNED by YOU. You always now what’s best for me and I’ll always support and accept your decisions. I love you Goddess.

  17. James Mason says:

    Explain to me how good it feels to have your thoughts washed away into the words of a beautiful, powerful, strong, dominant female. ”

    The emotions I feel before I go into trance is submissive already, it then into desire to obey. while going into trance my though are washed away with no resistance. the need to be control by a dominant women is more than resisting. My submissive need grows and then i’m rewarded by pleasure from obeying. the very thought of being at the mercy of a dominant women is truly humbling and a sense of humility alone of with it. The pleasure is a force and a gift from the dominant from obeying, its a continues style to me and it only gets better. the pleasure is a full body experience that makes me tremble, moan, dropping to my knees from the pleasure becoming too much. plus the thought of reminding myself who is the reason of that makes more pleasurable and adds more bliss

  18. Sam says:

    Number is 69.

    It feels soo heavenly to have my mind-fucked. I was born to be controlled, owned and seduced by a dominant female.

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