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  1. David Parker says:

    Thank you very much. I have listened to whispered addictions. It was fantastic. I could really feel the pull of your voice. Even going to sleep I found myself saying… “I must obey”.

    Ive started to listen to it when studying in the evenings.

    Eager to be yours completely.


  2. Steve Cooper says:

    I ache for you so much and today I’ve just spent hours upon hours listening to you. What can I give you in addition to myself?

  3. tom says:

    I just watched the new pendant video from the store and I I AM SO HAPPY, BLISSFUL AND ADDICTED TO goddess Haylee. She is so wonderful and commanding.

  4. ben says:

    Wow. You just completely took control of me. i innocently listened to a hypnosis recording, leading to me calling You on niteflirt. You had me doing gross things with a cookie and made me send You money. Thank You.

  5. Boy Toy Max says:

    I’m so happy the new recording is done. It’s a new recording, the description sounds wonderful, plus now perhaps Mistress will be free for a call! Why can’t life not be so busy so I can spend more of my time pleasing my Mistress? At least here are some good times… Must go burn Disc…

  6. rpowers174 says:

    “Float” is an incredibly fun recording. I highly recommend this file for Haylee’s pets. She brings you to a very deep trance (as usual) and has fun playing with your mind. It is amazing how easy it is to listen and obey Haylee’s commands without even thinking about it. I awoke from trance feeling very refreshed and happy that I purchased this file. Like I said, it is a must-buy for fans of Haylee.

  7. hypnodoggie says:

    Boy Toy by Hypnotic Haylee

    What was everybody raving about?! “Haylee is amazing!” “Haylee is so beautiful and seductive!!” “I can’t say enough about how wonderful Haylee is…” I had to see (hear) for myself … so I bought Boy Toy.

    OMG!! Never have I heard a voice that is at once so hypnotically relaxing and so erotically seductive! And it’s not just the soothing, sensuous quality of her voice. It’s the cadence, the intonation, the inflection … everything is perfect! And Haylee is only 24! Where did she come from, a Geisha House for Erotic Hypnosis?

    I suggest enhancing your experience of sensual bliss by gazing at her photos on her website (or on her Enraptured profile) before listening to one of her MP3s. Haylee’s sultry beauty will haunt your mind and enrich your fantasies, … and it will add to the thrill of listening to her amazing voice!

    I have never been hypnotized by anyone (although Haylee comes close), so Haylee’s effect on me is, so far, entirely the result of her sexual power. To get an idea of what adding trance to the mix can do to the minds of mortal men, read some of the effusive praise of her hypnotized minions in their testimonies.

    Then go buy Boy Toy (or Mind Control – Addicted to Haylee) and bliss out. You too will be hooked on Haylee: Try it! You’ll crave it!

  8. Rpowers174 says:

    All of Haylee’s recordings are of the highest quality. I’ve experienced the deepest levels of trance through them and have become completely addicted to her voice. They will not disappoint.

  9. tim says:

    I loved this recording I honestly feel like haylee’s boy toy. Haylee makes me so hot I can hardly control myself. Boy toy is the best hypnotic mp3. I have ever heard. Thank you haylee

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