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Hypno Session Questionnaire

I would like for you to read these questions, think about them, and then answer them before we do a session together. It would be great if you answered them before every session. This will provide an even better experience for the both of us. Contact me and let me know that you have submitted your responses because I do not get updated when one is sent in.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help me to understand the way you think , and will help me to create a pleasurable trance and/or training program for you. I will always do what pleases ME, but I will never cross your hard limits.




  1. starbuck says:

    Hello Haylee
    Is it possible to make me not be able to get an errection or cum ever again by hypnosis, so I can become a hypnotic eunuch Mistress, it would be such an perfect dream to have this done to me by such a beautiful Mistress

  2. lil sissy faggot says:

    you are so totally pretty! it’s so like omg! i’m a ditzy lil sissy slut! i wanted to know if you did sissy hypnosis? my friend told me that i was the queerest lil sissy fag ever and that i could possibly be more of a fairy than i am right now. do you think you could sissify me even more? that would be so f’n fab!

  3. chris roberts says:

    Hi Haylee,
    I would like to have a webcam session with you please.
    I have looked at your eye fixation video over & over for weeks on end . It has really made me feel so good . I think I am now ready for the real thing.
    I want you to take complete control of me . Please brainwash me to become your slave. I am truly ready for this & cannot wait to be under your spell completely.
    ps. You look absolutely stunning & I know I will enjoy obeying you. xx

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