How My Erotic Hypnosis Mp3s Make You Better

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Can Hypnotic Haylees erotic hypnosis mp3s truly make you a better person? If you answer YES to a majority of the following questions, then continue to read below.

  1. Do you find yourself drawn to erotic hypnosis mp3s, yet have or currently experience any type of guilt surrounding that want?
  2. Do you feel unfulfilled, or have you felt unfulfilled before indulging in My erotic hypnosis mp3s?
  3. Do you desire surrendering control to a Superior Female?
  4. Do you now, or before training to My erotic hypnosis mp3s, experience over crowding of thoughts, or the inability to just let go and relax properly?
  5. Do you now, or before training to My mp3s feel burnt out, stressed out, and need an “escape” from your day to day life?
  6.  Are there parts of you that you wish to nurture and explore more?
  7. Do you feel you would flourish if someone else did the thinking for you, and decision making?
  8.  Have you ever wanted to really surrender control to a Superior and allow Her to mold you into a better version of yourself?
  9.  Does the idea of being hypnotized by a someone who truly specializes in hypnosis make you feel comfort?
  10.  Have you ever felt guilt , embarrassment, shame, or other negative emotions when you thought about erotic hypnosis, or your submissive nature?


If you have answered yes to most of those questions, then My erotic hypnosis mp3s WILL without a doubt make you a better person, and here is why.

Society and the media often portrays men as the strong, and more important sex. It is pounded into your brains from a young age, and is taught almost everywhere you look. You are made to feel weak, wimpy, stupid, gross, pathetic and weird if you feel that Women are superior, or that you should be submissive to them. No, you are a MAN, you are supposed to DOMINATE and control. (ew)

So I truly believe that is why a lot of men who come to me, have resistance or guilt, and end up leaving and not fully getting to truly embrace and enjoy the life that they are meant to live. I craft My erotic hypnosis mp3s in a way that will truly alter your  mind, so that you not only accept your role as the weaker sex, and the submissive slave, but you will hardly even ever remember a time where you ever felt differently.

My erotic hypnosis mp3s will destroy any guilt, shame, embarrassment, worry, resistance or tension, and allow you to truly see yourself for what you really are. A submissive slave, put on this earth to serve, worship, spoil, work for, and obey Me in any way that I desire.

You will learn that by embracing your NEED to surrender control, you will be living your absolute best life, and feel more pleasure and bliss than you ever thought possible.

You will learn how to really let go, and REALLY relax your mind and your body. The more you train to My erotic hypnosis mp3s, the more you will understand just how crucial this relaxation is for your entire being.

You will feel more comfort, security, safety and love than you ever have before. You will learn and know your place.

MY hypnosis WILL change you for the better. My training, guidance, suggestions and control will make every single day better than the last. Trust Me. I know what is best for you.

Start training today, and train EVERY SINGLE DAY, and you WILL reap the benefits.

Thank Me.

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