How To Please Me This Holiday Season ! A MUST READ!


So many of my sweets have been asking me what they could do to please me this Holiday season. Some as soon as September lol! This is so pleasing for me, and the natural order of things. Goddess should ALWAYS be in your mind, for that will bring you so much fulfillment.

My main goal for 2015 is buying a house! I am SO excited. More so because every single cent that is going towards buying and furnishing it is slave money. Seriously. How cool is that? Not that I would expect it to be any different. YOU will become a part of me. My home is my sanctuary, and by enriching my Goddess lifestyle and donating to the cause 😉 , you will have a special place with me forever.

So for this Holiday, there are a few ways you could tribute to please me.

1. Send me a giftrocket by clicking HERE

2. Send me cash via my mailbox! Email me at for the address

3. Send a tribute via Niteflirt or My personal Store

4. Send me an amazon giftcard by clicking HERE ,which will go towards items for my new house!

See, its that easy to enrich my Goddess lifestyle and become a part of my new home~ Have something that reminds me of you every day~ How lucky for you!!!!

YOU could have a present under here for me!

YOU could have a present under here for me!


Also, I am doing something fun this year too! Any gift that I receive after December 10th will go under my Christmas tree, and will not be opened until Christmas day. I will have bruce wrap them up, and I will not even peek until that day~! How badly do you want to have a gift for me, wrapped so perfectly under the sparkling, glittery tree that sits so close to my Goddess bed? I will take photos throughout December to show off all of my presents! This includes any cash tributes that are sent to my mailbox too! I will make sure to showoff all of my tributes as well! There may even be a video or photo compilation to show how pleased I am!

You can shop ANY of my amazon wishlists by clicking HERE

All throughout the year, I donate to different organizations and animal shelters. Around the holidays I motivate others to do the same was well. My major focus is normally on animal shelters. If you have the time, it would please me if you called around the animal shelters in your area and ask what items they need the most. You can also ask if they accept volunteer help for care of the animals. A lot of the time they take donations of toys, blankets, food and other items that you can find at thrift stores, and by asking if anyone has extra items sitting in their basement that they do not need. Please take the time to do this, it will bring so much joy to your hearts, and help so many animals in need!



  1. Aaron Rendoff says:

    I hope you like the picture that I sent you of the skull I painted on your email so you can paint it on a canvas and hang on your wall!

  2. Herslavenow says:

    Thank You for this BLESSING of a post my Goddess!! I plan on being a very good boy for You forever of course but I want and need my appreciation to be profound for the pure JOY that fills my slave life this year especially.
    I live for You and as I should.
    I belong to You and place my wealth at Your perfect feet.
    I NEED You and my place kneeling at Your Throne.
    I crave the privilege to TRIBUTE You my Goddess.
    I am humbled……I am Blessed…….I am a slave very deeply in LOVE with my Goddess, my Queen, my Everything and Eternally.
    Your perfect and personal slave, Claude

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