Holiday Gifts and Gifting. Free Erotic Hypnosis mp3 !

free erotic hypnosis mp3

Hello my sweets~ Happy Holidays to all! Here is my gift to you. A FREE erotic hypnosis mp3. Below is the description for it.

This is a fantasy/role-playing, holiday themed, free erotic hypnosis mp3. This mp3 is gender neutral, and meant to simply be a fun experience. I take you deeply in to trance, where you are greeted by an extremely attractive female elf. She tells you a tale of how her and Mrs. Claus overtook Santa this year, and how she is now in charge of the naughty and nice list. You end up completely entranced by her powerful swirly red and white lollipop, and end up at the elves toy factory, waiting to find out if you are on the naughty or nice list. Once you find out..well you just might end up enslaved and used for pleasure and amusement, just like Santa.
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This is free, had to make it as a payment request, but you do not have to pay.
Many of you have been asking me what you can get me for Christmas. If you can comfortably afford it, feel free to purchase anything from any of my amazon wishlists which can be found by clicking HERE. I absolutely prefer cash tributes though! I am saving up for a house this year. That is my goal, to buy a house in 2014! I am so excited. Right now I am renting a huge house in more of a city area, and it is definitely time to move on to bigger and better things. Well..smaller, and further out into a more wooded area is my dream lol! You may click HERE to send me a tribute, knowing that it will be placed in my house fund. This is very special and important to me, so know that you are pleasing your Goddess greatly by tributing towards this.

What is your goal for the upcoming year?

Also, remember that this is a great time of year to give back to your community. It is so wonderful to do this all year round, but the Holidays are a VERY busy and hectic time for places like soup kitchens, home less shelters, women and children shelters, animal rescues, animal shelters, etc. They could definitely use some donations or volunteers for different tasks. It will feel so good for you to lend a helping hand, or two 😉

Happy Holidays!



  1. mark says:

    Dear Mistress, This following comment shows how i tried not to be drawn in,you may not want it to be shown here.
    I was suspicious so I decided to listen to ten second snippets. I come from the uk and your accent was not something I am used to hearing so I was intrigued by it. I felt that there was nothing to worry about and decided to listen. At half way an incoming phone call broke the seesion up. I felt a bit disorientated for a few seconds but remembered what i had gheard . I stopped when I had just seen a lollipop and alady and remembered her swirling it around. I then listened again and I remember up to the point I went into my bedroom then everything else is totally blank until I must have been disturbed and you mentioned an e mail. I have read your notes about the video. but I confess I cant remember virtually all of it. Interstingly I think you have two short seesions involving your eyes. I was ok with the spirals eminating from one eye then the other but there was another one wher there was a strange effect in your eye. I kept closing my own eyes and it was as if they were glued shut. Dont think that was supposed to happen. Cant seem to find that short video again. Hope my ramblings were of some interest.
    Thanks so much again

  2. thegloaming says:

    Thank you for the Christmas experience. Next time I will do whatever you ask as nothing brings me more pleasure than serving you.

  3. Bob says:

    “What is your goal for the upcoming year?”
    I have a great deal many, Lady Haylee.

    First and foremost is what has been my goal for a few years now: find at least one new thing to question everyday, since I’m never fully satisfied unless I have at least one thing to question. (Something I’m very proud of; Einstein himself even said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”)

    I also plan to make more ASMR vids, and videos in general.

    And I hope to become more fit and healthy, w/ your help. Hopefully I can somehow return the favor. 🙂

  4. Coffeeman says:

    Thank you for your wonderful Christmas Gift!

    I know next time we meet it will be so much more amazing. Worshipping and serving you brings me such joy and pleasure! By serving you.. gives me such pleasure and you allow me to be so turned on… I imagine next time.. that you allow me to lick your boots a second time and you will own me forever!! Driving me over the edge and this so intense making me loose control as demanded by you!

    Thank you Goddess!

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