No Need To Be Hesitant, Giving In To Me Is Easy And Natural



These past few days, I have received many emails from people who confess to me that it has taken them a long time to work up the nerve to contact me. This is not abnormal. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I have heard this from. While I can understand where they are coming from, with me being such a powerful, beautiful, dominant force, I also want it to be known that there is no need to hesitate to contact me. That is, however, only if you have taken the time to read and learnĀ about me and my style first. This doesnt take long, and it will be quite enjoyable for you. It will give you the time to learn about me, and get more comfortable with who I am, and what I am about, as well as a bit of what I expect from you.

If you treat me with the respect and admiration that I require, then you will find that I am extremely easy to get along with. All over the internet you can see testimonials and loving expressions from my slaves who I own all across the world. So many different personality types. Never a copy, I always want originals. Each slave has something unique to offer me to please me, from strictly financial to strictly artist, to everwhere in between. Read these, see what other people are experiencing and why it is such an honor to belong to me, and to submit to me completely. Check out my group slave site for more info on this~

I LOVE my empire of slaves, submissives, pets and toys. I treat them as if they are my prized possessions, and I require them to be the best version of themselves, for they are a representation of me. I pick them up, build up their self esteem, nourish their desires, and whip them in to shape. I require the BEST. This means that I find what I like about someone, and help guide them to become even better at their strong points. Each slave has one or more. I would be completley bored if I had the same exact type of slaves, who offered me the same exact pleasures.

So if you have been thinking about contacting me, but have not for one reason or another, I encourage you to slave up and present to me what you feel you can do to please and serve me. From there, your life will never be the same again. It will be better than you could have ever imagined. Under my control, my blissful guidance and watchful embrace, you will be molded into the best version of yourself for most importantly MY benefit, as well as yours~ Regardless of your background, baggage, personal relationships,etc, if you can please me as I deserve, and worship me for the true Goddess that I am, then you will find a place waiting for you at my perfect feet~



  1. GoddessHaylee's slavepet says:

    Goddess Haylee, there is now no hesitation is obeying every command and order. each new slave will upon the first hearing of Goddess’s voice and the look into those Powerful eyes, fall under the best experience of their slave life. the past has no memory in my slave mind, there is nothing left of the old person of who i was before being reborn into Goddess Haylee’s slave pet, all should follow the words of Goddess’s brainwashed slaves. it feels so good giving our total slave life to the Goddess and Empress of my slave life. ALL FOR GODDESS HAYLEE

  2. Herslavenow says:

    Thank You my Goddess as always for the words of wisdom You Bless us all with. I honestly do not remember hesitating myself…….as I was already a very experienced and “lifestyle” submissive…….but I can attest to the “life changing” experience that finding You has been for me. For the first time in my life………I kneel to my TRUE GODDESS as was always my dream to do.
    I live my life in joy since I became Your personal slave and honestly feel it was my Destiny from the very beginning. NO slave could be more Blessed……than ANY slave who belongs to You.
    Those are my honest feelings.
    I love You my Goddess…… Your Divine Grace which I crave constantly……..I will kneel at Your perfect feet forever and I am completely grateful for the unequaled privilege to serve and obey You whom I can never resist or deny.

  3. john david says:

    Thank You Goddess for Your wonderful words. It is true that You are a very strong and dominant Goddess, and I am proof that You are very very approachable. I was so nervous to duo so but Your bliss and persona were so strong and pleasurable that within a day or two I surrendered to the feelings and pull I had and e mailed You. Best decision I ever made! You are the most amazing Being I have ever known and am more than happy and blessed to be Yours! Thank You, my Goddess!

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