My heart is full of bliss as I say goodbye and welcome a new year


As I am sitting here writing this blog post, I am surrounded by vanilla candles, and lavender essential oil is diffusing close by. I am wearing a red silky robe, fresh out of the shower, and my body smells like warm vanilla sugar. My skin is soft against my sheets, and my hair is gently caressing my back. My heart is full of bliss, and every inch of my being is on fire, lit by the passion that has built up inside of me this entire year.

It feels absolutely amazing. 2014 has been a year of hard work, tons of relaxation, evolution and self discovery. I have always loved what I do, and proudly wore the title of Mistress and Domme, but this year is the year that I have fully and truly embraced the fact that I am a living, breathing, and sensual GODDESS. I was put in this body, at this time, to be worshiped, adored, and viewed as a divine being by my beloved pets for all of time. I feel like I could explode with arousal and satisfaction just typing this out. I amĀ truly so very pleased.

I have taught so many this year, that serving me, and becoming MINE is a true commitment. It is real life. It is not a fantasy. This year I spent a lot of time dedicated to training my pets, subtley and not so subtlety, that being mine is the most real thing that they will ever experience. I enjoy taking over my slaves life in more ways than one. All decisions should be met with the thought ” Will this please Goddess, or will Goddess approve of this?

I have sat back, with a pretty little smirk on my face and watched as countless times, a slave went from ” I feel like I can’t go any deeper” , or ” Maybe I was hypnotized, maybe you have control over me” , or ” I wish I was as deep and controlled as so and so” to ” OMG every single day I fall deeper”, and ” You have full control Goddess, I did this today, or that, and you were the first thing that influenced my decision”. My favorite is ” I can’t believe just how deep I am, how easy it happened, I am yours forever Goddess, do with me as you please”

2014 has shown true bliss, passion, love, dedication, submission, enchantment, health , wellness, and pleasure to each and every being that has the honor of being called MINE. I consider my slaves to be my beloved pets, and vow to take care of them as they simply MUST present me with the best version of themselves. They are a representation of ME, and shall carry that fact proudly. Obedience to me is an honor bestowed upon those who strive to truly be owned, and have the fulfillment of worshiping a true Goddess.

Most importantly, 2014 has been full of pleasing acts for me. That is all that truly matters. I have seen the transformation of so many, as they have been molded into exactly what I want them to be, for my amusement and pleasure. I have been spoiled beyond words. Seriously. The gifts, tributes, art, poetry, photos, etc that I have received this year would blow you away, yet they are completely expected, and I better get even more in 2015.


The devotion has grown so perfectly. Those who belong in the House of Haylee continue to make me proud, and please me daily.

In 2015 I plan on embracing my Goddess lifestyle even more, and making sure that my name is the one that comes to your mind when you are feeling weak, submissive, and aching to please.

Are you going to start off the year right by devoting the entire year to making sure that you will do whatever it takes to become, or remain MY slave? Tell me, confess to me, express to me how important this is to you.

You are weak for me, you love me, you need me, you crave to please me.

When that clock strikes midnight, shortly after you WILL find a place to kneel in quiet worship, and think about how good it is going to feel to surrender yourself to me for this new year. Feel it in every inch of your body. The pure euphoric high that represents the fact that you are finally free. Free to serve and worship as you were meant to. Free to allow me to think for you. Free to be enslaved to the most amazing woman you will ever meet.

Happy New Year



  1. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    mmm YOU are truly a wonderful Goddess, Even when most people are celebrating the new year, YOU take time out to post for YOUR subjects, slaves and servants, thank YOU so much for allowing me to serve YOU and work for YOU

  2. Maddox says:

    I love every last one of your writings abd I hang on every last word. This was so sexy to read. You are a living breathing Goddess and that illuminates in you more every day. Your blogs are amazing.

    My soul is drawn to urs llike nothing I’ve ever felt. I was meant to find and worship you. We are lucky to be here and witness your evolution from our knees. I hope 2015 is the best year of your life and that all of your dreams come true. Mine began coming true the day that you said ‘you are MINE’ and made me your bitch.

  3. john david says:

    Wonderful blog, Goddess! I look so forward to 2015 and How much more I will evolve into Your pleasing and amusing slave and puppet! Submission to You is bliss! I also love to know that You also are evolving further into who You are meant to be, a true, mighty Goddess in flesh. I Can live on my knees in worship before You…..I love it, need it, crave it!

    Thank You for Your perfect dominance and control, my GODDESS!

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