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I have been getting asked the same question a lot lately, so I figured that I would blog about it here.

Will you ever do live sessions, can we meet in person, can we go out on a date?

* This is something that I have thought a lot about, and I have decided that I will not offer live sessions. EVER. There are many reasons for this. I will never meet anyone that I meet online, in person. No exceptions. If this is something that you can not accept, then I advise you to discontinue your association with me, because you will just be getting your hopes up, and causing un-needed stress for the both of us. I will not be meeting you, dating you, going out for coffee with you. I will not  be your girlfriend, or wife. ( I will however be your Mistress, your Goddess, your muse, Inspiration, and Motivation 😉 )

You will not be my live in slave, my sissy maid, my sex slave. ( You wouldn’t believe how many people truly get mad at me for this, and expect me to run away, drop everything and marry them.)

I can understand the overwhelming rush of feelings that you get for me. I want that. I crave that, I always get what I want. You need to feel me, and you can feel me even without being in the same room as me. Open yourself up to me, and you will never look back again. Having me inside of your mind is where I belong. Where I will end up, and stay for good. This is simply what will happen, and you will enjoy every blissful second of it.

Now for those who truly know me, and experience my bliss and pleasure, they will tell you that the relationship that is formed between myself and a devoted subject is almost surreal. It is absolutely amazing. I often am told that it is so much better than any in person relationship that they have had. We can have something special, a deep connection, one where I control you so perfectly, and we share something so deeply intense…but you have to accept my rules. Which you should anyways , without question or hesitation, if you wish to please me as you should.

There are many ways to feel even closer to me. Consistent training with my erotic hypnosis mp3s, which can be found HERE, doing sessions with me, allowing me to watch your trance progression on webcam, watching my youtube videos, writing to me, focusing your energy on feeling me, blogging for and about me, talking with me, etc.

Your Goddess,

Hypnotic Haylee




  1. Marcelo (Nexus 7) says:

    Funny how people can so misguide themselves. The path is clear and I feel it deep inside me: The only thing that really matters in my life is what You want and if You in Your generosity decide to treat me with anything, a pic, a word, or even a task, I consider myself the happiest slave in Universe. It’s Your prerrogative to decide over my life as I surrendered it to You gladly out of my freewill.

  2. ajsnow28 says:

    I think that Goddess gives so much to us already, and to ask for more is inappropriate. What other higher power responds to emails and Facebook messages?

  3. Don Coyote says:

    Oh, come one! Even The Beiber, Lady Gaga and Joan Jett meet their devoted followers once in a while. ;p

    Ok, I’m kidding. I truly respect you for stating your boundaries clearly and honestly, putting it out here to be read in black and white. So refreshing and so so much better than it being used manipulatively or teasingly as a carrot on a stick. Unfortunately some others do that, even while they have no intention of ever meeting anyone. That’s such a betrayal and painful mind-fuck deceit while you, Goddess, if I may, give us a deeply honest and pleasurable mind-fuck and a way to be of service that YOU want. Being upfront and honest with us is being respectful of us, and gives us the choice, and that is one of your many qualities that draws me to you.

    This is not to say it isn’t disappointing, as the thought of at sometime being in your physical presence is extremely pleasurable, erotic, if not a totally ecstatic one. Just being honest here. However, I’ve also recently come to think that my life is so much better when I give up hope, an illusion, (perhaps too often a grandiose one) and deal with the simple present reality that I can. To be grateful for what I have and what is offered, rather than choosing the pain of endless desire, like a hungry ghost.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      Thank you for this comment, I really appreciate it! And I agree that it is sad to lie to someone about something like this. I much prefer to have it up front and honest from the beginning.

  4. blake says:

    i will never understand demands made from Subs towards their Mistress. it just does not compute – you have now made it impressively clear as to boundaries however i expect the mindset of the unworthy and unthinking will not change.

    That being said, a polite request to offer Mistress a fine meal or tickets to a show She may enjoy would be something i would consider doing as a tribute and chance to meet the Woman who bewitched me, but how some people react badly to a polite ‘no’ from someone they really should take who’s final word as gospel is a total mystery.

    • blake says:

      obviously the second part is not an offer directed to You, just something i feel is nice to do for a Mistress who had not made such boundaries clear yet.

  5. Bob says:

    Good evening, Lady Haylee.

    Just wanted to say that I find that pic very seductive and elegant. It reminds me of a film noir’s femme fatale…which, come to think of it is a vey good description of you, bringing us men to our knees.

    Yearning to merely be touched by your shadow,

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