“Haylee, l really want to become a better person. Can you truly make this happen?” AMA

I have answered this a few times, but I think it is a question that deserves to be answered more than once. I want people to see this, and to really read, understand, and accept my true answer. YES I make my slaves a better person. When they serve me, I demand the best, and train them in many facets of life to improve their over all well being. Here are some benefits you can expect if you serve me to your best, and work on a training program with me :

  • General increase of happiness, with a more positive outlook on life. -You will have the ability to get through challenges better, and see each new day as a day of possibility and happiness.
  • Learning to let go of jealousy and insecurity. -Of course this training can take time. All of my training does. This is a journey, but you will notice the positive changes almost immediately.
  • Better financial management.- You will be tributing me, and if you surrender control of your finances, I assure you that you will learn how to save, and spend wisely better than you ever have.
  • Getting in shape, and learning better nutrition habits. -I encourage my slaves to exercise and eat well. Their bodies no longer belong to them. I want them at their best, and around a long time for my pleasure. Many find that after serving me, they no longer desire or crave bad habits that they used to have.
  • Better sleep.- General contentment and happiness from knowing that you belong to a divine Goddess will help you to relax and shut down better at night. Listening to my voice is a way to help you fall into a deep sleep, and awaken refreshed.
  • You will think before acting. ” Would Goddess Haylee approve” . This will REALLY help to mold you into a better person.


  1. Rick Hall says:

    I am amazed at the ease In which Goddess Haylees voice soothes and completely melts me into total subservience..we can never truly repay her.

  2. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    i think i am living proof that YOU can make someone into a better person, YOU have improved me in so many ways….and i want to thank YOU for it from the bottom of my heart….

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