Harsh Truths and Concerns


Recently I have had some concerns regarding some of my clients behaviors. I offer a wide range of services, and many people grow very close to me, which is beautiful in its own right. Full submission and training happens so naturally, and can progress practically forever. Some people step out of reality into a dangerous zone though. One where they can’t separate this life with me, and their outside every day life. They become jealous, angry, frustrated, and in too deep. I am going to lay out some harsh truths, they have been stated before. If you can not handle these truths, then I suggest you do not engage in a D/S relationship with me.

* It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known you, how long you have or will serve me, or if you think you are special or different. We will never meet in person, and never have an in person session. I have thought about this for a long time, and it is just not something that I wish to do. I have my own life outside of this one, as you do, and even though it is still a Dominant Goddess life in every aspect, there is no room or desire for me to do in person meets with my online slaves and submissives. I am happy and pleased with the way things are. That should be all that matters.

* I do what I want, and what pleases me. That is what my life is about. Living it to the fullest with the max amount of bliss and joy possible. You may give me your suggestions, and opinions, but do not expect me to cater to you, or jump through hoops and perform for you if you flash money at me lol. I am very open and approachable, and will listen to your concerns, but if you write me a novel, expect to tribute for my time.

* I am your Mistress/Goddess, not your therapist. If you are overwhelmed with anything in your life, or feeling like you need help, I urge you to get it. You deserve to be happy!

* I will never be in love with you, I will never date you, marry you, etc etc. Get over it. I am a Mistress, a Goddess to be served and worshiped, not lusted after like a girlfriend. I care for my slaves, but they will always be that. Slaves or submissives to me. I form deep connections and friendships along the way as well. The bond that I have with some of my slaves is absolutely amazing. I cherish the ones that accept things for what they are, and love to please me.

* If you start to feel your devotion and submission to me is affecting your life in a negative way, it is time to step back and reevaluate things. If you are finding yourself often feeling jealous, or frustrated that we can’t meet, or be in love, or be together etc etc then step back , and find your true happiness outside of this. If you cant separate this life from your every day life, reevaluate things, and more than  likely it is best for you to not serve me. An easy to remember rule – If you are happy, content, and feeling bliss, this is for you, if you are not, and you are feeling depressed, its not going to do either of us any good. Sometimes you just have to really think about how good it is what you actually do have, instead of wishing for what you can’t.

A little of those emotions from time to time can be completely normal. It is when it is affecting your every day life in a bad way, that things have to change.

* Trying to one up each other, or feeling jealous over other slaves is silly. My slaves work together, all aiming for a common goal. To serve me and please me to the best of their ability. To bring others to me. To use their own different strengths and abilities to put a smile on my face, and have me tell them how pleased I am.

* If you disrespect me, a second chance may not be possible. If it is, you have to earn it.

* I have the right to cut off communication with me if I feel it is the right thing to do for the both of us. This does not happen often, but when it does, it is because it is the absolute right thing to do. You do not have to fear me dismissing you just because. There will have to be a very serious reason as to why, for it to happen.

* Sessions with me will always be paid for. Again, doesn’t matter how long you’ve served me, or what you feel you do to please me and “earn” it. They are only gifted when I feel like it, not when you request it.

I am sick of having to deal with people not getting , understanding, or accepting these conditions. They are right here and always have been laid out. Its simple. If submission and devotion to me under MY TERMS, ALL OF THEM, provides bliss, as it does for thousands over the entire world, then continue indulging deeper and deeper. If it does not, and you feel more wanting, jealousy, frustration, negative emotions..then this is not for you. Walk away now instead of causing more issues.

I do offer love and addiction type files, and I’d say about 95% of people who listen can handle them. You can NOT handle them if they affect your day to day life in a negative way. Again if they make you feel upset or frustrated that we cant be together, or you cant separate dominate fantasy vs reality, and you cant be realistic. Just do not listen to those types of files if they make you feel that way. They are there to bliss the fuck out with 😉 Not to feel bad emotions or sensations.

If you find yourself obsessing over me in a negative way, stop listening and indulging in all files and sessions all together. It is just not good for anyone, and it is not meant for you, it is not the path to take.

Now if you do accept these terms, and are willing to devote your time to being trained by me to suite my desires, and please me so perfectly, then indulge, and allow the bliss to consume you. I am all about pleasure and being pleased. When I am getting slammed with others hang ups and negative emotions, I become frustrated. I am here to be pleased, not listen to you complain about what you can’t have. Focus on what IS and what CAN be, and you will have a MUCH more enjoyable experience!

My best slaves accept these facts, and embrace them, giving me their absolute best as I deserve. Just because this is not in person, does not mean it isn’t special, and amazing. The journey and experiences are never ending, there is so much more in store~ Trust me on that one 😉

ps. Communication is KEY! If you are feeling negative emotions regarding your servitude to me, do not be afraid to discuss them with me. You can always be open to me.  Some things just have to be put into perspective, and re-evaulated. Talking it out is a billion times better than holding it in. Never forget that! My rules here will not  bend, but our journey can be changed in ways that you feel more comfortable with, and pleases me wonderfully. Often times so many situations and feelings can be avoided if they were just talked about before assuming or jumping to conclusions, or holding something in.



  1. tom says:

    Very well written and frank rules. I love them! Makes one feel completely in his place! It made me shiver to read them. Thank you Goddess Haylee for being so direct to the point and so Blissful!

  2. Herslavenow says:

    Goddess Haylee, I just wish to thank You so much for training me and helping me understand the true honor and privilege of becoming Your perfect slave. Your pleasure is truly my own now………and I will never ever desire anything that is not 100% pleasing to You.
    To serve You and to belong to You is my great reward, honor and privilege and I hope and pray that I prove myself worthy and pleasing to You always.
    From my knees to You and You alone,
    Your devoted and very real personal slave C

  3. hypnotichaylee says:

    Yes these can take time to understand, but thats the beauty of the journey! With a patient leader and teacher, and set out rules like this, anything is possible once agreed upon~ I love being able to use my words to express so perfectly what I desire and crave, and reading others use their words to live up to my desires.

    I urge anyone to share this with anyone who feels may need it.

  4. Servile Wayfarer says:

    Excellent read Goddess Haylee.
    This is very important to understand, it sometimes takes time to really understand all of these truths but it is a must.
    I absolutely love serving you and feeling your bliss, thank you Goddess.

  5. Andy says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the honesty in this post. In a way it might seem harsh, but in a deeper way it is actually very caring toward the submissive- to set out clearly the reality of the relationship one agrees upon by partaking results in a more positive experience for both. I’ve struggled with separating worlds in the past, and now I take a step back, get a perspective, and when necessary take a break. I think it is wonderful that you shared these thoughts, and I think it should be mandatory reading for anyone embarking upon this sort of journey.

  6. AmbreJade says:

    Such an important point to make. Lost in the realm of submission and slavery, people forget that there are limits in place for EVERYONE!

    If you start to feel your devotion and submission to me is affecting your life in a negative way, it is time to step back and reevaluate things

    This is a terribly important concept that people forget. Just because you are submissive does not mean you do not have a certain control over things. I have said it before and I will say it again COMMUNICATION IS KEY! If you feel yourself spiraling, tell your Goddess, if She is worthy (as Ms Haylee Lynn is) She will allow you and Her the opportunity to re-evaluate your goals. Make this paid time and time outside a session to prove that you are serious. Discussions should be part of the relationship but not part of the scene. Choose your Timing wisely!

  7. hypnotichaylee says:

    Great post! Yes communications is definitely key! I am actually going to add that in to the post. Thank you!

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