Happy Valentines Day My Sweets

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Happy Valentines Day MY sweets! I hope you all have a wonderful, bliss filled day. I know that this day brings sorrow to a lot of people, but this is a reminder to smile and be happy and thankful for the happiness and bliss that surrounds you every single day.

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I am going to share with you a little witchy feel good activity that you may do today, as I will as well.

Items Needed:  ( A star besides an item mean it is necessary, everything else is optional)

*Any type of clear container that can be sealed.  -A decorative glass bottle, a mason jar, a clean food jar, etc

*Water or Herb/Flower infused water

* A piece of paper

* A pen/pencil/marker

* A candle and something to light it with

Essential oils

Dried Herbs/Flowers

Tree Scrapings

Photos of images that bring you love, joy, happiness. Have these photos be symbols/items, not people.

Any small items that bring you love, joy, happiness that you will not mind parting with


Start by opening the bottle, and laying out all of the items in front of you. On the piece of paper write this  ” Happiness, Joy, and Love inside. May I be reminded today and always of everything that brings me bliss. Harm to none, including myself. I am full of love and peace”

Set the paper aside for now.

Fill the bottle half way with the liquid, and one by one in whatever order feels right, start adding in the items that you chose. As you are putting in each one, imagine yourself feeling so happy and full of love, and bottling up a portion of these feelings and emotions, knowing that it will always be there for you.

Once all of the items are in, place the paper inside and fill the container up with the liquid, almost to the top.

Put the lid/cork on/in and then light your candle. Hold the container over a few sheets of paper because you will be dripping wax onto it. Do NOT let the flame go anywhere near the paper!

Visualize a swirl of red, white or pink smoke inside of your container, and remind yourself that all of those good feelings are inside, and all you have to do is hold the bottle and remember how you feel now, to utilize them again.

Slowly drip the wax around the containers lid/cork so that it is sealed.


Make sure to practice fire safety, have an extinguisher or bowl of water near by just in case! And obviously do not put anything flammable near the candle .


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  1. Lawrence ninja says:

    Happy valentines day ;*
    I’m late lol. Your really amazing at what you do, I can’t help but be captivated buy you. Even tho I might have a bad day I can allways surrender and open up to someone, your so cool your bliss and love is so soothing , lots of loveZ MUUAH

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