I am SO HAPPY! Updates galore !

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Hi my sweet pets! I just wanted to give a little update.

Have you noticed that I have been way active on twitter this month? This is because I have been feeling so motivated and inspired! When I am pleased, you benefit. When I am happy, you are gifted with my attention and activity. See how the cycle works? 😉



I have even started taking phone calls again on Niteflirt and through my personal site. This is HUGE!

My pets have really been stepping up lately, and showing Me just how badly they NEED to please Me. This is a lifestyle, not just a fantasy. That is what makes it so pleasing and exciting! Once I am inside of your mind, you can easily see just how good that feels, and do anything to keep Me there. I am a breath of fresh air, in an otherwise stale and boring existence.

Right now here are all of the updates, in which you can indulge, enrich ,and continue to please Me with and through~ ALL FOR HAYLEE

Leave a comment down below letting Me know what you think of all of these updates, and my active Goddess posts as of lately. I want to know just how WEAK they are making you 😉 Oh how I love weak little play things.

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  1. slavejohn says:

    There is truth and beauty in every thing You do and in every word You speak, write, record or even think. Having You in charge of my mind, body and soul fills me with pleasure and satisfaction I have never known – that I never even knew was possible. That is why I joyfully begin each day saying, “Every day, in every way, I belong to Haylee.” Thank You Goddess.

  2. SlaveP says:

    It is wonderful to see You so active and engaged in hypnotizing us.

    Long may we continue to be the source of Your pleasure and long may You continue dominating us so blissfully!

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