Happy 4th of July And Upcoming Changes And Events !

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I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone in the US a happy 4th of July, before Mistress Melinda Maneater and I head out for our night on the town. I also will talk about a few new works that are in progress. What is everyone doing tonight? I urge you to spend at least 30 minutes tonight in quiet, devout worship to your Goddess. It is important that each holiday, and sabbath, you take the time to reflect on what is most important to you, and that is your journey, and relationship with me. Other than that, I hope you have fun and are safe in your celebrations. Let me know what you did/are planning to do.

Melinda and I are going out for a walk, and to enjoy ourselves at a fancy restaurant, and several places for drinks. We will also be meeting up with some friends to watch the fireworks later, and of course make some fireworks of our own. If you want to be a good slave, click HERE to tribute us, and spoil us a bit for our night out. This money goes directly to my account, and can be used tonight. Doesnt that just excite the hell out of you? 😉 I know it does for me.

Now for the upcoming items/events:

I am working on a new niteflirt only pay to view store for both Melinda and I, and I will completely be revamping hypnotichayleestore.com

I will be coming out with my alter ego that a lot of you have been hearing about. Empress Vox Siren. She is very feisty, taboo, strict, and irresistible. She specializes in the more dark/taboo/cruel side of BDSM. My dark side if you will. Do not worry though, for those of you who are with me, this changes nothing. She will not come out to play when you are with me, unless it is discussed beforehand. This is just another creative outlet for me to use to express myself and explore my deeper inner most desires, and have fun. And you do want me to be completely happy, and have fun, don’t you my sweet? Of course you do~

I am working on different mp3 projects, and have plans to make full length videos in the not so near future.

I will be doing a photo shoot soon. New pics.. how excited are you?

Make sure to click on the banners below to visit some other amazing websites, and consider pleasing me by becoming a blogger on inhayleewetrust.com . If you please me enough, and are close to me, you will earn the privilege to be a part of my small online forum in which I post special tasks, assignments, and you can get to know me even better.




  1. Bob says:

    Happy Independence Day, Lady Haylee!

    This is the day of year I love the most, and I hope you’re enjoying yourself as well. My family and I have had our annual barbecue, and I’ve even planted some tomatoes and hot peppers for next year’s.

    On a related note, I was wondering if you could have a Healthy4Haylee page on Facebook as well as Twitter, if it’s not too much of an inconvenience.

    Proudly waving Old Glory,

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