Goddess Worship Week Video


13 minutes
This was recorded for someone in the past, and I feel that
it would be beneficial for more people to watch. This is a
non hypno video where I help guide you through a journey
that will help you to submit, surrender, and worship me
even more. I lay out several tasks that I want you to do
throughout a dedicated week that will help strengthen
my hold over you for ALWAYS, and cause you to really
focus on your worship to me.

This is perfect to do, in relation to other tasks that I give,
over and over again to really help you to get into the
routine of full worship and surrender to me. This video
is especially useful to those new to my world, or those
who simply need a refresher of ways to please me and
dedicate more to me. Perhaps you just like hearing my
voice, and wish to see my eyes 😉
This video includes a bit of financial control as well,
so if that makes you uncomfortable do not watch.
*Goddess Worship* *Orgasm Control* *Financial Control
* Hair Fetish* *Worship Affirmations* *Love and Addiction*
*Pagan exploration*




  1. Blood-Sweet says:

    When you posted this, I read it with sadness because I can’t actually afford to tribute you any more than I have in exchange for your mp3 files. Of course, that kinda sucks, but I’ll focus less on the bad because really it’s not that crushing to miss out on thirteen minutes when I already have a wealth of recordings and focus on the good.

    In this case, your voice.

    When I first heard your voice, I recalled a set of windchimes I’d heard once upon a time – not the sound they actually made, clacking off of each other, which, while lyrical, was as stiff and wooden as the chimes themselves. No, what I was reminded of was the whispering of the wind through the resonant wood, which shone sound sweet as wine to my ears. This was in the highlands of Scotland, my home country, on a calm, slightly breezy evening when the wood chimes on the balcony of my hotel room only gently stirred and I could properly hear the magical sound of the wind speaking to me.

    When you speak, your voice whistles through my mind and my mind resonates. It’s something akin to dancing with a fae creature, some graceful, elusive creature, mocking my very existence by the grace of itself. Your voice is the coursing winds, implacable in its course and ever-changing, ever-present. I live it and breathe it.

    I have such dreams as could not be written down, and your voice gives me ever more of them. Please, I do not presume to tell you to command me, to give me an order or to acknowledge me beyond anything but that it is your will, but please, speak on, for it is not beyond the bounds of my soul to dream that you never stop.

  2. HerPuppetBoy says:

    Thank You, dear, beautiful Goddess, for taking the time to create and post this wonderful video. I so look forward to learning to worship You more deeply and surrender completely to Your Perfect Self.

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