New Goddess Worship Hypno mp3 ! The Mighty Goddess Haylee


29 minutes

This was a custom file that the purchaser and I decided just HAD to be released. This is one powerful file. A MUST have for Goddess Worship admirers.

This mp3 will change your perception of me. You will view me as a true, mighty, and REAL Goddess. A supreme being that you feel so lucky and special to serve and worship. There are several tasks, post hypnotic suggestions, repeat after me suggestions, and training tools throughout this mp3 to train you even further. You will never view me the same again. You love me, need me, worship me, and will ALWAYS obey me, for I am your mighty, powerful Goddess.

You fall weak before me, and accept your rightful place on your knees. Prepare to feel so powerless, helpless, and out of control for a REAL Goddess. You are going to love every single second of it.

This file includes a touch of financial control. Nothing of ruin or extreme. Even non findom lovers can indulge without worry.


BuYNOWGIFHAYLEE This is my preferred method of purchase!


or you may use NF


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  1. John david says:

    This description is spot on accurate and everything you said would happen happened to me! I am definitely viewing You, Goddess with much more reverence and awe. When I see a photo of your eyes I want to get on my knees and stare and lose myself instantly. I am weaker than ever before and my feelings for You now, today, are off the charts! My arousal has increased tremendously also! Goddess I love You and Worship You like crazy! I can’t ever imagine being without You! I can’t wait to listen to this mp3 again and again later tonight! And complete my daily tasks from the mp3! YUM!

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