Goddess Is Moving !


I know how much you LOVE hearing about your Goddess, and what goes on in my life, so I have exciting news to share~ A lot of you already know this, but I wanted to fill in some details anyways! I am moving to a new house that I bought, in about a week! Last year I saved up most of my tributes from slaves and admirers, and I used them to put a big down payment on this house! Every tribute will go to the mortgage payments as well! This means the house will fully be purchased by slaves~ How PLEASING. It gives me a rush just typing this out! All of the furniture, paint, appliances, garden items, etc will also be slave bought! I already have furniture and such waiting for me, which was purchased from a slave as well! This is truly the way a supreme Goddess should live! I am BEYOND excited!!

The house that I am in now has served is place, and has been my home for several years, but I outgrew it. It also doesn’t help that they are very loudly building new houses right across the street lol! That is why I have not put out any  new mp3s or videos in a little while. My new home is in a very quiet neighborhood, and is spread out from the neighbors. It will be perfect for me to CREATE! I will be putting out new content by the end of May/early June. I also chose the biggest room in the house to be my sacred Goddess room. It will house my witchcraft altars, books, art supplies, slave art, my desk , my recording equipment, video equipment, and anything else that inspires and motivates me to be creative , sensual and full of bliss.

I also have a nice big yard for a Goddess garden, fire pit, and anything else that I want! Ahhhh, I am SO excited! It is so much more special to me because my slaves and admirers have made all of this come true for me~ Such bliss. The REAL bliss is for you all though. The ones who have pleased me so beautifully. You are SO so lucky.

If you would like to be a workerbot for me, and enrich my lifestyle more and more, all you have to do is devote to tributing me every single pay check~ A part of it should be mine anyways. Think about it. You are gifted my bliss, my pleasure. I grant you fulfillment like you have never experienced before. I make you feel more satisfied and happy than you have ever been. Everything of you, everything of yours, is mine~ Day to day, you live under my influence. My control. This is SO good for you! I know you can feel it. So start feeling the pleasure of pleasing me even more. No matter how little or large, tribute me from each pay, and ensure that I always live the Goddess lifestyle that I deserve~

Give in to me more. No need to be shy~ If you feel drawn to me, show yourself. Make yourself be known. Stand out, and stop lurking. Living under my Goddess influence is or will be the best thing to EVER happen to you~

Keep an eye out fore my creative bursts coming up soon 😉 You love me, you need me, you crave to please me~



  1. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    Dear Goddess, thank YOU ever so much for keeping us informed of things like this in YOUR life. i hope the move goes well, and i only wish i could help with the move and paint and do all the other manual tasks YOU need doing. i love YOU too Goddess

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