General Musings and Important Updates

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First things first. My STORE! Ughh, what a pain in the ass lol! I had to completely scrap the store front that I was working on, for a new one. I am hoping for it to be up within a week or so. For now, you can still visit and be directed to the appropriate alternative store websites to purchase my items. I do believe this happened for a reason, and what I am working on now is going to be irresistibly awesome 😉

This next update is going to really excite you. I will be around a LOT more for hypnosis and non hypnosis sessions. Both web text sessions and phone sessions. I still offer tarot readings via phone/web text/email as well.

I have also added a non hypnosis line to my personal billing options, and niteflirt. You can view the niteflirt one by clicking HERE. The other you simply purchase a non hypnosis session on my billing page.  I am known all over the fetish world as an amazing hypnotist and hypnodomme. I also absolutely love doing non hypnosis sessions as well. Anything that fits within the realm of Female Domination or other interests that please me will be perfect. I encourage you to call these lines, because it will be very pleasing for me.

I LOVE doing hypnosis, but it can be very draining to do constantly, and that is why I am not around for sessions too often. I put my all in to it, which makes for unforgettable mind blowing experiences, but a few non hypno calls in between will be pleasing.

I look forward to manipulating your mind, and exploring all of the hidden depths of it with you. I am excited thinking about all of the possibilities that await. Are you? I know you are~



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