Fun In The Sun!~ Brainwashing Hypnosis, High Vibe Energies

This morning when I woke up, first thing I did was look out my window. It was very dark and cloudy, yet the air was crisp with a warm touch. I knew that soon, the clouds would pass, and the sun would be shining down upon me. This was my inspiration for creating the image above. I find a lot of inspiration from nature. Do you? What inspirations do you find in nature?

Here I am, several hours later, laying in my yard, on a comfortable lawn chair, soaking in the high vibe energies from the sun. The sun makes me feel so alive, and energized. Does it do that for you? Can you imagine yourself laying here with me, feeling the warm sun radiating upon you? My warm, sensual words caressing your mind, as the rays of the sun caress your body? I bet that feels good, doesn’t it? I want you to be able to feel that right now. Close your eyes for a moment, and picture that. Then come back, and continue reading this, once you feel your body completely warm from my words, and the sun.

Now that felt good, didn’t it? Obeying me feels good, and picturing what I tell you feels good, because I know exactly what to say to help tap into the energies inside of your mind, that control your pleasure. Its on the same level of how the sun brings me energy, and that energy brings me pleasure.My energy brings you pleasure. More pleasure than you can even imagine, just from me tapping in to that special zone that controls how/when you feel it.

Yum 😉 Sometimes I work myself up so much, just thinking about these things, and writing about them. I am currently working on a new, VERY intense brainwashing hypnosis file. This will be unlike my other files. My others are very smooth, very sensual, very very relaxing and arousing. This one will have all of those elements, yet it will hit you harder, and come at you in a more direct/harsh way. This is going to be one of those files that stick with you long after you finish listening. I am taking my inspiration from nature, and using that to compose a file that will bring your ultimate brainwashing hypnosis fantasy to life.

I am going to take a lot of time on this file. So don’t expect it too soon 😉

Now to some degree, all of my files can be brainwashing hypnosis files, if you condition with them enough, and open yourself up to me completely. But this one is going to be for those who have trouble trancing, and want to be completely taken over from start to finish. I am so excited to do this. I know that you will enjoy it , as much as I am enjoying the process of creating it.

So back to arousing myself, and working on this very erotic brainwashing hypnosis file, while I relax, and lay out in the sun, using its energies for my inspiration.

Enjoy thinking about that, my pets, for thinking about me brings you so much pleasure.  Email/message me if you have any questions/comments/requests for the brainwashing hypnosis file, for future files, or would like to set up a session. I love feedback, it helps me create masterpieces 😉


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  1. Hypnotichayleespuppet says:

    I love it when Haylee convinces me to beg to do things I probably shouldn’t 😉 just because it turns her on!

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