Free Your Mind Relax And Unwind


I want you to do something for me right now. As you are reading this, I want you to allow yourself to be free of all distractions, and allow everything else to fade away around you, focusing only on the words that you read here. As you read them, you can imagine what it would be like to have my voice echoing these words deep inside of your mind. My words are echoing softly inside of your mind, as if I am whispering them to you. Read my words slowly. There is no rush, read them slowly, allowing yourself to linger on each and every word, absorbing everything that you read here.

I want you to relax for me, I want you to free your mind of all thoughts, and allow my words to enter into your mind, and slow your thoughts. Your thoughts are slowing as you are reading my words, and as you are just sitting there, relaxing, letting my words slow your thoughts, you can become aware of the fact that my words are so easy for you to read, so easy for you to agree with, because agreeing with my words causes you to relax even further, which means that you will continue to read my words ,and continue to allow your mind and your body to relax for me.

That’s it, just allow yourself to relax. Relaxing for me comes so easily, relaxing for me feels so good. Reading my words is like a full body massage. A massage that you so deeply need. Each word that you read causes your body to relax even further, and as you are reading this, you can allow yourself to breath in a deep calming relaxation, and breath out any stress or tension that you may have. Breathing in the need to let go, and surrender for a while, and breathing out any tension or resistance that you have.

That’s it, you’re doing so good, and the more you read, the deeper you will fall. The deeper you fall, the more relaxed you become, and the more relaxed you become, the deeper you fall, so deep, feeling so relaxed, and so obedient. So deep and obedient and relaxed. That’s it, it feels so good to relax for me.

And now you are starting to feel the affect my words have on you. You are starting to feel the pleasure you get from letting my words affect your mind, and your body. And you are starting to crave me, desire me, crave my every word. Lingering on every word, because you are completely entranced and unable to look away from my words. Getting so excited as you continue to read my words. More and more excited and aroused, deeper and deeper with every word that you read.

Free your mind, relax and unwind, let go for a while, let my words caress you from the inside out. Allow my words to take over your thoughts, becoming aware of the idea that it is so much easier for me to think for you. It is so much easier to let me think for you, and right now all you can think about is relaxing and letting go. Feeling how good it feels to empty your thoughts, and be filled with my words. Good boy. Embrace this feeling, welcome it from head to toe. Become emerged in my words, in my blissful embrace.

So easy to drop, to surrender, to let go. My words, from now on, written or spoken will instantly cause your mind and your body to enter into a light trance state. Just like you are now. My words have the power to shut down your mind, and your body, causing extreme relaxation, extreme comfort, arousal, and obedience. You simply can’t resist me or my words. Obedience to me is bliss. Relax, and unwind. Relax, and sink deeper. Enjoy the feelings you get from my words.

That’s it, sinking even further now, allowing yourself to fully give in. I want you to close your eyes for a few moments now, and think about how good my words make you feel.  How good I make you feel. How you simply must have more. How you simply must give me more of you.

Good boy.

Now tell me how good my words make you feel. How my little teaser has you aching for more..soo..much..more…

~Hypnotic Haylee




  1. David Wesley Trotter says:

    Every time I read your Good Boy, even typing it, I have an immediate jumping reaction in my abdomen, ready to obey your command.

  2. Clarence Liu says:

    Hi Hypnotic Haylee, wow your words really did effect me greatly> I could really feel relaxed and also aroused thanks so much!

  3. Revenant says:

    I confess this script reached me…my body and mind responding as the words entered. As a result I have invested the past 3 days exploring this site, YouTube and also Vox Siren. My subconscious mind still is all me however, and I’m grateful I have the strength to hold on to it. I would let go, but I expect you truly possess great powers of hypnotism because you managed to get inside despite a lack of trust…since I am new to this. I have a feeling some of us end up with the Empress as you, rather than I, choose…and that place would be Hell for me. So thank you, and I wish you well. There is so much responsibility for those of us who fall under your spell. But I love how it feels.

  4. Steve Cooper says:

    It doesn’t just ache it positively hurts in a worshipping, continuous longing way. Haylee it really hurts… You have me.

  5. david says:

    Dear Goddess Haylee.

    Wow! Thank You so much for this wonderful blog, i have only just discovered Your blog and files and am becoming increasingly drawn towards Your Wonderful energy, Your wonderful words take me deep into relaxation and I am beginning to feel the pangs of an addiction growing within me hope to be purchasing many of Your hypno mp3’s and phone calls very soon already I feel the desperate need to be taken over by You mind-fucked and totally under Your wonderful hypnotic mind control, owned ant completely Yours, Wishing You a most wonderful weekend.david

  6. equillibrium says:

    Haylee you are one of the few women who can probably make me do whatever you want. Obedience to you really is bliss. All for haylee. all of me for haylee’s happiness.

  7. Christina Martin says:

    I was just reading over your past blog post and read this one…ive never been so affected by text before i tranced out and completely submitted myself to you it felt so wonderful

  8. Bob says:

    Good evening, Lady Haylee.

    I had never expect that text would be a thng that could actally cause relaxation, but was pleasantly surprised here. Thank you for the experience, especially after a long work day.

  9. danny says:

    Oh goodness… I’ve been browsing through Your blog and my desire to serve You and read more of Your words hasbeen growing with each word.

    This post caught me off guard. I started reading and fell so deep, next thing I knew I was slowly returning to consciousness… I am so eager to give more and more of myself over to You. You definitely have a way with words, Goddess. 🙂

  10. Jeffery says:

    Hello Haylee,

    I am fairly new to your site and have simply been exploring. I just finished reading Free Your Mind. Yes, your words were relaxing, compelling and left me wanting them to go on and on taking me to this place you were taking me. When I started reading your text my first rational thought was written words can’t relax me. As I read further I had the feeling that I never wanted them to end.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      Mmmm, my good boys. I am sooo pleased. I love having my words enter your minds, and relax you from the inside out. So easy to give in to me…

  11. Iain says:

    Obedience is bliss.

    It feels so good after a long day to come home and read your wonderful words and feel them take over this conditioned body, so hard for my Mistress.

    All for Haylee

  12. hypnodoggie says:

    Haylee! Again, that was beautifully done! You are a skilled wordsmith with a keen understanding of the workings of the human mind and the connection between your considerable sexual power and your ability to bring people into blissful trance. We are fortunate to be able to surrender to a seductress who combines beauty, hypnotic skill, and the ability to use words to manipulate our weaknesses to fulfill our desires.

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