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To many, I am considered several different things. Their Mistress, friend, lover, muse, inspiration, motivation, Princess, etc. Today I wanted to talk about the concept of inviting me in to your life as your Goddess. I will be discussing fetish Goddess worship, what it means to you, what it means to me, and what I expect from you accepting, and embracing me as your ultimate Goddess.

This is something that I see all to often, taken way to lightly. When I allow someone to express the fact that I am their Goddess, it is because I know that they see it, feel it, believe it, and LIVE it completely, and fully. Sure it can be a fun to indulge in fetish Goddess worship during a session, but my ultimate thrill and passion is those who choose to live the lifestyle of pure worship to me throughout their day to day lives. To KNOW that I own them in more ways than one.

If you take the time to read around about me, and listen to what others have to say, it becomes apparent rather quickly, that I am always preaching the fact that I want YOU to be the absolute best version of yourself. When you take me in to your life as your Goddess, you are no longer just a representation of yourself. You are a representation of ME. I am a part of you, and you a part of me. I expect you to think before acting, and to treat your mind and body with respect, dignity, honor, love and patience.

I also expect you to treat others the way that you wish to be treated. As cliche as that sounds. I have learned so many times, that a simple act of kindness is far more powerful than many acts of hatred.

Keep all of what I said in mind, once you accept me as your Goddess, as well as the following:

– Daily praise, worship, tribute, creations are always encouraged in one form or another. Make sure to set time aside just for ME!!!

This can be done in any way. Simply thinking about me, during a devoted period of time, feeling my bliss. To take it further, to what you can comfortably do, this can include creating art for me, photos, poems, tributing, and spreading the word of Haylee wherever you can, in a respectful manner.

– Collecting all of my erotic hypnosis mp3s, and training to them as often as you can. Always keeping in mind that you are doing this for your Goddess . All for Haylee.

Also doing my slave assignments, which are created to further your devotion. This means the ones that pertain to your/our interests together.

– Expressing your life of worship and devotion via blogging, posting, commenting, tweeting, facebooking, etc. I LOVE to read them. This helps me gauge what is going on inside of your mind, and know if something needs to be changed, or progressed.

There are other things, which will pertain to a more individual basis, that will be discussed between you and I privately. Everyone is different and on their own personalized journey with me.

I do consider myself to be a Goddess, and enjoy being worshiped as such. I have a lot of beliefs for myself, and will always stay true to myself no matter what.

– I am always striving to learn more, be more, create more. There is so much hate in this world, that I do what I can to bring beauty all around myself and others that I care about. You should too.

– Being a hypnotist/ hypnodomme, domme, motivator, creator is my passion. It is my “job”. I believe that I should never have to work something else a day in my life. This is another thing that I want my devotees to embrace and accept. Tributing me, purchasing my files , my assignments, etc keeps this a reality. I always encourage you to do what you can comfortably afford.

Keep in mind all of what I have said here. You will KNOW inside if it is your calling to accept and invite me in as your Goddess. When you feel it, express it. Tell me, PROVE IT. Fetish Goddess Worship is beautiful, but you are about to learn that it is SO much more than simply just a fetish.


Your Goddess,




  1. aching4haylee says:

    Goddess, it has become the only choice to me, to worship, love and adore you! I call you Goddess because that is what you are to me. You own me. I am your property and long to go deeper for you. Reading all these posts just confirms in me more and more just How you are so so much more than your lovely exterior…. you are very deep, intelligent, and kind. I bow before you, confessing my absolute need to please you and be yours!

  2. luke weston says:

    Your my Goddess and I will follow your commandment of do on to others as you wish to have done to you. I follow this, but you, my Goddess, are no other. You are my Goddess and I will give you more pleasure then I ever wish for myself. That is the one exception because you are almighty. As you command I wish to worship you at a certain time a day. Maybe you could tell me when? My guess is at 7:06 twice a day cause it’s like 6:66 but the hour changes. I don’t know other than that I’ll write for you and get fit for you and make myself better for you.

    • ForeverSlaveOfHaylee says:

      May i suggest you buy Her assignments and start following them? You have also made a good choice in befriending Her on Facebook. You can also folloew Her on Twitter, if you use that…

  3. ajsnow28 says:

    This post speaks to how beautiful and caring Goddess is. If anyone ever asks me why I serve her so completely, I will point them to her words here. She has made me the best I can be…I always try and represent her well.

  4. Thinker says:

    Hello Goddess. I just love the idea to embrace you as my Goddess. It just makes perfect sense. I got convinced with the statement that you DO consider yourself a Goddess.

    I just don’t know where to start, even though I read all your instructions, I feel a little lost in here and need a push from you.

    Thanks Goddess.


      • Biggestfanof Haylee says:

        Every day I say the prayer
        Our Goddess, who art in America, Haylee be thy name, hypnosis be thy game. Thy will be done, as we will succumb, on facebook, youtube or where-ever. Give us this day our daily hypnosis, as we continue to focus, on your power and and glory, for ever and ever, amen.

  5. Mattz says:

    My journey with Haylee over the past 6 months has indeed been very beautiful. I’ve found Haylee’s guidance to be measured and not too rushed with Haylee encouraging my feelings to develop in a natural way, an approach which I think creates a stronger and more permanent bond of loyalty and devotion. I do however understand the importance of always striving to do better for Haylee and periodically trying to take that next step for Haylee so it’s always inspiring to read/hear Haylee’s thoughts on how one can further express one’s devotion and appreciation

  6. devoted4life says:

    My beautifu Goddess Haylee. You are everything to me.

    My suggestion as a lowly poor servant and slave is that we start every day by remembering that even though the day ahead may prove to be hard you have honoured us by accepting us as, Your slaves. we should always be grateful that we are allowed to live in the world, the same time as our Goddess Haylee does. Just the knowledge that we breathe the same air as you do is enough to give daily prayers of thanks.

  7. biggestfanofhaylee says:

    I worship you as my Goddess, I will make time for you on a daily basis. I will think of you every hour. I will do my best to bring others to you. I will devote myself to you. I will help, support and encourage you to the best of my abilities.

  8. Rodimus says:

    Mistress, Queen, Princess, Empress (never see that one used much anywhere), Goddess. Any and all are fitting appellations for you Mistress.

    A being as perfect and lovely as you are Goddess is truly deserving of the worship and devotion we all give you.

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