New Feminization Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 SOFT

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This is a very sensual, erotic hypnosis mp3. A lot of feminization mp3s are more humiliating and harsh. I have decided to take a different approach with this file. This one you will embrace your feminine desires, and be guided through an extremely sensual, sexy journey with me. One in which you will truly FEEL your body transforming with every word I say, and every time I use my special hypnotic trigger the transformation and arousal will intensify. You will feel your body transforming into a soft, curvy, feminine body. One that is extremely sensitive, and fully aroused. You will tingle, moan, and feel pleasure like you have never felt before. You will be so soft, so aroused, so desperately turned on that you have no choice but to slide your hand between your legs for me, and experience a full body orgasm throughout your new feminine body, because that is what I want you to do for ME.



  1. Princess Indigo says:

    I can personally recommend this electric mp3. Listening to this recording and being sensuously guided to orgasm by Haylee’s divinely erotic voice was awe inspiring and shook me to the core. Hearing her say the words ‘Good girl’ in my ear as I was drowning in ecstacy was one of the most pleasureable experiences of my entire life. If you enjoy feminisation hypnosis then I recommend you buy this seeringly hot recording immediately. Tell Haylee the Princess sent you. x

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