Balancing light and darkness

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Hello my sweets~ I have had a lot of people having conflict issues surrounding the outing of my dark side Empress Vox Siren. I wanted to explain a bit of why I have put a name to this side of me and keep it separate from here.

I am a traditional witch, I believe in a balance of all things. No light without darkness, no happiness without sadness. Every person has a dark side to them, no matter how light it is or how extreme. By keeping them separate it helps me focus on which mood I am in the most at any given time.

It would be a bit weird to have a post about healthy4haylee, followed by forced intox and cbt pain sluts by Vox Siren, followed by sensual loving Goddess worship by Goddess Haylee lol.

I offer an outlet for people ready to experience and embrace their dark side. The more taboo side that they crave to explore. Id much rather them play with me, than with someone who will take it too far and end up hurting them beyond their limits. No matter how wicked I get, you can rest assured that I always have a persons safety and well being in mind.

For people with more darker/taboo fetishes, it can consume them. I will use erotic humiliation as an example. For some who have this fetish, they can spend many days and nights feeling ashamed, aggravated, embarrassed, worthless etc. They spend time trying to find someone to satisfy their desires for it, and often come up still feeling ashamed, vowing to quit, to be “normal” etc etc. When they unleash it with me, a person who truly understands the psychological need for this fetish fulfillment, and encourages embracing it, they can enjoy it, and then resume their typical life.

By indulging in this dark side with me sometimes, they are able to not become consumed by it, and lead a typical life that they want to live.

For my reasoning, I just down right enjoy it. I love the balance of doing what I do here, and then when I am feeling devious, sadistic, cruel and taboo, I unleash Vox and have FUN doing it.

There is nothing wrong with embracing your inner dark desires and fetishes consensually with a person like me who truly encourages and enjoys it in a professional manor, while keeping your safety in mind. Nothing at all wrong with it, so stop doubting yourself and trying to hide these parts of you. As long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else, embrace it, enjoy it, celebrate it.

However if you are drawn to my light, you are not required to play with my dark side. Keep that in mind. She is not for the faint of heart. She does what she wants, says what she wants, and there will be no mercy, no sensual loving, no treating you like a prized slave possession.

Much Love~

Goddess Haylee

To embrace the darkness-




  1. Claude Albert says:

    Thank You for posting this Goddess. It definitely all threw me for a loop…..and awakened some of my darker stuff…..and I had difficulty imagining going there with You……but I am OK again.
    I feel really incredibly humbled by Your Light side in truth and that is enough for me now I realize. 🙂

  2. jacktador says:

    Princess Haylee thank you for making the split.

    I already have a source of darkness in my life that has no regard to safety and well being of mind. Being able to see your light helps me find balance as I extract that darkness from my life.

  3. Still says:

    Thank you so much for the clarification.

    I do know that Light cannot exist without Darkness, and with your POWER and CONTROL there will be nothing to fear. 🙂

  4. Rodimus says:

    I totally get your reasons for Vox and separating it out Goddess. Makes perfect sense.

    My confliction stemmed from being drawn to certain aspects of Vox Siren while being turned off by others. I mean I really dig the domineering and superior attitude and the way you carry yourself in that persona, but seeing some of what the dark side does (like the blackmail and humiliation) causes me to pull back from it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love your light side Goddess and have no intention of leaving, I just can’t embrace the full fury and power of your dark side. It’s too much for me.

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