Experience a DEEPER TRANCE by personalizing your favorite erotic hypnosis mp3s! ( SO easy to do!)

Hi pets! I wanted to talk about something that has Me REALLY excited!! I made a tweet a couple of days ago talking about how I am once again open for customs! I had to stop sales of them for a while because I had SO MANY orders in for them!! It is humbling, and yet exhilarating at the same time, seeing how much you guys love having custom work from Me! Yet I fully expect it, because My work is AMAZING.

I also have listened to the feedback, of how so many of you wish so badly that you could afford a custom, but simply are unable to sometimes. Or how you wish you could buy more than one, or ten… lol!

So I have another option for you! You can now personalize ANY of My existing mp3s!! What this means is that I will re record portions, and/or record a track that will play all throughout the file. This can include very personal touches such Me saying your name, slave name, triggers, post hypnotic suggestions, personal commands, personal whispers just for you, brainwashing tones, subliminals, etc! This is an AMAZING way for you to feel like EVERY single mp3 was made just for you. I have also had so much feedback stating that personalized mp3s and custom mp3s made the listener experience a much deeper trance with everlasting blissful effects!

A personalized track will always be $99. You can do this for new files or files that you do not own and not have to purchase the file on top of the personalized order, or you can do it to any file that you already have.

Click here to read more about My personalized mp3s, and how to order one!

You may also notice that at the top of every mp3 in My store, there is a click here to personalize this mp3 link! You can do so there as well. I am currently adding this to all of My files, so if at the time of reading this you do not see one on a file, know that it will be there soon 😉

You may also click here to read about ordering a custom mp3!

Lastly, Empress Vox Siren just put out an epic chastity bundle with a new chastity game. Go and check it out by clicking here!

Happy Trancing, My pets!




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