New Exciting Updates!!


I have a few new updates that I want to share with you all. Some new things have happened, and are in the process of happening that are really exciting!! I will start with the major one first.

I finally have my own personal billing option, which means that for those of you who do not use niteflirt, or wish to just skip that and connect with me personally, you can do so. You can read more of the details about that on my billing faq page HERE. This basically means that I have my own toll free number, and billing platform to process your payment quickly and securely, without having to go through someone else first. I do however still use niteflirt though as well! I like having multiple options, and I know that you will least when it comes to me 😉

This also means that you can purchase my erotic hypnosis mp3s, slave assignments, pictures, and whatever else that I offer directly through me as well. I will also be looking in to selling personalized/personal items in the future as well.

Another very exciting feature is that I now offer erotic paid chats as well 😉 Which you can read about on my billing page. This is for those who can not for whatever use the phone with me, but wish to fall so effortlessly under my spell, and feel the bliss that comes with serving me.

If you wish to purchase anything that I am selling, or wish to discuss something that I do not have, but you are wondering if I do sale..just send me an email to

And lastly for now, one of my devoted boy toys has pleased me soooo very much by purchasing me an amazing new microphone! I also got a few other equipment items, and will be producing even better recordings very very soon. I can’t wait to trap.. I with..I mean use…. I mean… okay I mean all of the above and more… 😉 All of you again, more and more. Over and over.

Until then… think about me…dream about me…

You simply can’t resist me..


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