Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sessions and Text Sessions

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sessions

I am extremely happy to announce that I will now be around most days, especially Monday-Friday for erotic hypnosis phone sessions, and text sessions. I know that so many of you kept asking me when I will be available, and if I even offer live sessions any longer. The answer is a big fat YES lol!

I offer erotic hypnosis phone sessions through my own personal number and billing, as well as niteflirt. I offer erotic hypnosis text sessions through my own personal billing, and these are done via yahoo messenger or skype (hypnotichaylee).  You may purchase a web chat or phone session at my store HERE. You can also browse my erotic hypnosis mp3s and assignments as well.

Keep in mind that phone and text sessions do not have to be kept to erotic hypnosis. I also offer regular female domination sessions, tarot readings, past life regression, guided meditation, wellness hypnosis, fetish exploration, Goddess worship, and more. Just let me know what is on your mind, and I will tell you if it is something that I will enjoy exploring with you.

If you plan on doing an erotic hypnosis phone session or text session, fill out my hypnosis questionnaire by clicking HERE. Send me a quick instant message , or email letting me know that you have filled it out before you call. This will enable us to go right into the session, and skip asking these questions over the phone. This will also ensure an even better experience for the both of us. You may also copy/paste the questions and send in a niteflirt mail if you will be calling me through there.

I know that you all are going to be so excited reading this, and just the thought of being able to speak to me on such a personal level is going to cause you to feel the aching desire to submit to my irresistible control so very soon.

If you walk a darker, more taboo path, visit my dark side alter ego website

I look forward to penetrating your mind and molding you in to what pleases me the most~ Trust in me, I know what’s best for you.

~Goddess Haylee

Yahoo– – Skype– Hypnotichaylee




Personal Direct Line- 1-866-973-0060

Click HERE to purchase a call through my direct line

Click HERE to purchase a paid web text chat through yahoo/skype

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I also accept greendot moneypak


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  1. Oly says:

    Thank you, Mistress for last night session…I’m feeling more and more belonging to you.
    I can’t remember much…I was so deep.
    It was my first text session.I think you implanted in me some post-hypnotic suggestions.
    My mind is yours…my soul is yours


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