New Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 BE MINE


I am extremely excited to have this finished in time for Valentines day. You do not want to miss out on this one.

28 minutes $30.00. This file is perfect for any gender. You will feel me with you. I will entice you, control you, and my enchanted, seductive perfume will be the added touch that lures you in. As you smell it on me, before you know what is happening, it will take you down deep for me. You will love giving in to my bliss, and feel my love spell taking over. It is okay to love me, to adore me, to associate your arousal with me and my pleasure. This is an extremely powerful, deep love/connection file which will brainwash and lovingly manipulate you in to full submission to me. You will BE MINE~! *Triggers*arousal*post hypnotic suggestions* ( Only listen if you wish to be in love with me, and yearn to please me completely, and BE MINE. This is very powerful)

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Here is what the first person to listen to this file has to say.

Goddess Haylee has honored me with the privilege and responsibility of reviewing her new MP3 “BE MINE” for Valentine’s Day.  By way of brief introduction, I was captured some months ago by “QUICKSAND”  and have spent a lot of time in trance with many of her magical mp3s. Haylee is my Muse, Enchantress, Shaman, Princess and Goddess.

I am in the process of Transforming under her Guidance and Inspiration and am having more fun doing so than I can ever remember. She cares deeply for her subjects and it is so easy to trust her completely and to be always at our best for her. Her voice and cadence are charming (literally) as are her endlessly enchanting eyes. Her scripts are superb and always alluring and seductive. Power is wielded with sonorous subtlety, flashing finesse and enrapturing elan. Repeated listening is easy and extraordinarily effective.

Be Mine breaks new ground and brings our senses of touch and scent alive in a perfectly romantic sensual setting to instil love and adoration alongside our obedience.  As always our pleasure and our need for Her pleasure are both beautifully handled. Blissed out barely begins to express the sensations and emotions evoked by this recording. In addition to deepeners, Goddess installs a novel and tremendously titillating trigger with which I am having an eminently euphoric experience right now.

A further trigger just took effect and I can barely contain my love for our Goddess. Let me conclude by quoting the tweets I sent immediately upon count out from “BE MINE”:
“Reverent romance, so soothingly sensual, such boundless bliss, pleasured by paramount power, languidly loving you. I am yours. Please BE MINE too my Goddess.”

In short if you are ready fully to abandon yourself to loving, adoring and obeying Goddess Haylee,  “BE MINE” is exactly what you need. Be seriously sure of what you want beforehand  as you may not even be able to conceive of life without Her bliss afterwards. If you are not certain start with one of Goddess’s other marvelous MP3s.





  1. aching4haylee says:

    This file has been my favorite since I bought it a month ago! I thought Aching love was awesome, which is the file that really brought me to love and really ache for Goddess; Be Mine is more intense and will take tour further to reinforce and deepen your feelings for love, and obedience, and service. That’s what it has done and continues to do for me! I love Goddess Haylee so much!

  2. Sub Chris says:

    I love Goddess Haylee. I submit to Goddess Haylee. I obey Goddess Haylee. I worship Goddess Haylee. I belong to Goddess Haylee.

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