Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Poll And A Way To Please Me

I am planning on working on a new mp3 very soon, and it would please me greatly to see you vote on the poll below.

What theme for my next erotic hypnosis mp3 excites you the most?

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Also, leave a comment on this post if you would like to give me specific ideas on mp3 topics, subject matter, and anything else. If it pleases me, you just might end up hearing it 😉

Also, I would absolutely love it if one of my good boys or girls purchased me a subscription to the website below. I adore anything that has to do with the human mind, and bettering yourself, and would love to be able to do this each day. I find inspiration from things like this for my work 😉

You will make a new email address solely for this, using yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. Create a user ID and check mark every option that it gives you. Purchase a plan, and then give me the log in information like a good boy.



  1. devoted slave says:

    Something that is 10 times more powerfull then anything to date so that anyone is directly a mindless slave to goddess haylee!

  2. nosemask says:

    Goddess, I would love to hear a session with fractionation, bringing us up a little, snapping your lovely fingers and dropping us down deeper into trance and your blissful control. Training us to succumb quicker and more effectively.

  3. Underlying Paradigm says:

    As Rodimus says it is very hard to choose just one, but my Muse and Goddess Hayley is so tremendously talented that I am certain she will find ways to combine just what we need to best effect. Goddess Hayley is transforming me so my answers can only be a snapshot of my state of flux.

    What excites me now:

    Erotic Tantric Training

    Denial and Tease with Amazon Wishlist

    Shamanism / Witchcraft / Enchantment

    Of course, Mind Control and Brainwashing are naturally part of all of these.

    I confess to being too busy to get to the gym to train at the moment, although reading Tony’s comment it strikes me that a Training Mantra (for use whilst training) might be intriguing. It could certainly prevent boredom and potentially realise better results. Trance-wise I find Focus gives plenty of encouragement for anything I really need to do.

    I trust completely in my Muse and Goddess to know what is perfect for me.

  4. Bob says:

    Good evening, Lady Haylee.

    I second the notion that Tony has given; the power of the minds of us, your good boys (however drained it may become due to your puppetry) is useless if we do not also have strong bodies to serve you.

    I would also add that perhaps something to wind down after having been so excited by you may prove useful. Perhaps a roleplay of being on a warm beach, or in a peaceful forest.

    Kissing the rng on your finger,

  5. tony says:

    Personally I’ve always loved the idea of Mistress Haylee having fit healthy strong subs for her use so maybe a Fitness or weightroom or sports training one Mistress I know it’d be something I’d deff use 🙂

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