New Erotic Hypnosis Mp3 Focus

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This is my latest erotic hypnosis mp3 which will help you focus on whatever task at hand that needs to be done, in order to really reward yourself later by fully enjoying my voice even more, and giving me the focus , and attention that I deserve. Fully undivided, because nothing else will be on your mind.

I have had several people tell me that some days they slack on their work, or general activities that need to be done, or that they enjoy, because the craving to trance to me is too strong. I have decided that in order to have you be at your best for ME, I want you to be able to focus on these tasks, getting them done to the absolute best of your ability to please ME, and then being able to relax and enjoy trancing to me, or spending blissful time with me after.

This file is full of self improvement subliminals and hypnotic suggestions, and will have you feeling fully satisfied and fulfilled, being completely motivated and determined in life. It will make you feel energized, refreshed, inspired, motivated, and determined. THIS is going to please me SO much, because you will be at the peak of your performance, fully happy , and eager to please your Goddess even more. The time you will set aside, devoted to me will mean so much more, and our relationship will intensify and deepen. You NEED to listen to this file.
For a voice only version of this file, message me. If you do not have Niteflirt you can purchase this file from me directly.

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  1. Danny says:

    Oh my… I’m blown away. This is the first of Your files that I’ve ever listened to and it already seems like You have a stranglehold over my consciousness. As soon as I started listening, I was pulled very deep very quickly and woke up feeling so absolutely incredible! I’ve been running around ever since, cleaning like a madman while taking care of small tasks I had been meaning to do but never got around to actually doing. This file is remarkable!

    I’m also simply astonished by how easily I dropped for You… Normally going under can prove to be a little bit difficult for me. You truly are a Goddess worth pleasing. Nobody compares.

  2. Haylee's Minion says:

    I just wrote a review for Focus in the MP3 Reviews section, but couldn’t help but comment here as well. Focus is wonderful for many reasons, but the two that resonate with me are these. First, it makes me realize that by being a successful human being, I’m obeying Mistress Haylee. The more successful I am, the more I please her. Second, it reminds me that Haylee’s Bliss is a reward for being a good person and a good submissive. This is a wonderful recording!

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