Erotic Hypnosis Hypnotic Spirals Slave Assignment



One of my passios is erotic hypnosis. I know this comes as no surprise to all of you, but I often feel the need to express my passion over and over again, in many different ways. I love having the power to use my words to better someones life, to change their thoughts completely, to make them do things that they could not do without my guidance. I love being able to help a person explore their deepest fetishes, and make them feel as if they are a reality. I love the control, the power, the pure electric bliss that comes from being a Goddess who excels at the art of erotic hypnosis.

I already know the powerful effect that my words have on your mind and your body, especially if you have been trained with my erotic hypnosis mp3s, or have participated in phone or text erotic hypnosis sessions with me. Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, just reading my blogs, listening to my samples, watching my youtube videos, and reading all of my interactions on social media will have great effect on you, until the day comes where you can surrender to your Mistress even further.

Your mind and your body has been trained, or shortly after reading and listening to me, will be trained to respond to my words. They will be trained to my commands, to my hypnotic suggestions and hypnosis triggers. Even as you are reading my words, you may find that your conscious mind starts to wander, yet your subconscious mind, I can assure you, will be picking up exactly what I want it to. You will never know how I do this, but each one of my blogs, and each one of my erotic hypnosis mp3s, are designed to target your subconscious mind, in order to remember what I need it to remember, and forget to remember what I require it to. There is nothing you have to do to experience this, other than just read my words, listen to my voice, and continue to feel yourself letting go to me. Understanding that there comes a time when it is just so much easier for me to think for you. It feels so good, doesn’t it? It will feel even better..

Now I want you to obey me like a good slave. You crave to be a good slave for Goddess Haylee so badly don’t you? I want you, after reading my words, to scroll back up to the top of this post, and allow yourself to let your eyes focus on the middle of my hypnotic spiral. Clear all of your thoughts, remove all distractions , play one of my erotic hypnosis mp3s if you have them ( Choose your favorite, or loop all of the ones you have), relax your body, and let your conscious mind wander. You can blink, and feel your eyes getting sleepy and relaxed, just allow yourself to continue to focus on this spiral. Enchanting, hypnotic thoughts of submission and arousal for me, to me, will take place in your mind. I want you to just let them appear in your mind, and see where they go. Focus for as long as you can, for as long as it feels pleasurable, and then let it be known exactly how good it felt to do this for me.

Please me

Obey ME

Give in to me

Surrender to me

Submit to me

~Hypnotic Haylee



  1. James says:

    I must submit and bow down to you Mistress Haylee. Pefect Haylee. I submit completely. It’s so easy to let you think for me. I give you everything.

  2. Rodimus says:

    I just completed this assignment whilst listening to Commit to Submit.
    I started out staring into the spiral for a moment before pressing play. As the file started, and for atleast a few minutes into it, all I could think was “I am a slave to Haylee”. After a point, my eyes half closed and I was responding to the words in the file while still seeing the spiral. I think my eyes fully closed around the time of the countdown, I’m not sure. I might be wrong, but through the rest of the file, I think I may have still been seeing flashes of the spiral in my mind.
    Anyway, as I was being woken up, upon opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was the spiral, which I ended up staring at while waking up until the file finished. I kept staring at the spiral whenever possible while carrying out the commands from the file, all while still feeling like I was in a trance. Still kinda do while I’m writing this.

    Not really thinking of or feeling anything else right now, just the desire to carry out Mistress Haylee’s commands and to please her.

  3. Drew says:

    I stared into the spiral for a good long while and there was a point where I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed. Eventually the trance was too much and I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.

  4. Endymion says:

    I didn’t have a lot of time when I tried this, but I put on one of your files and watched the spiral and I definitely felt something. Kind of drowsy and out-of-sorts, it made it hard to focus on thoughts or other distractions — I usually hop through many of the various tabs I have open in my browser, but I was focused on the spiral while I was watching it.

  5. Slave D says:

    Mistress, I could only look for a few minutes as my wife was nearby but I lost myself completely in the spiral. I hope for longer soon.

  6. methos says:

    i am a slave to Miss Haylee,
    i must do what ever it takes to please Miss Haylee.
    i cannot resist Miss Haylee or her quicksand.
    it feels soo good to obey and submit to Miss Haylee.

  7. Tim says:

    Hello Mistress. I listened to one of your recordings while watching the spiral and I have to say it’s powerful. I feel your hold over me more intensly. I will do that from now on when I listen to any of your recordings so I can go even deeper under your hypnotic spell. I commit to submit to Mistress Haylee. I am hers, mind, body and orgasm. I must obey Mistress Haylee.

  8. Subtle says:

    I looped your recordings spent an afternoon staring and conditioning myself for you. I’m in a fog, complete daze, all I can do to focus on typing. Must obey, must please must surrender and serve Haylee. Perfect Haylee I am your slave.

  9. Iain says:

    I am a slave to Haylee

    I commit to submit to her desires and will.

    My mistresses spirals and words fill me with pleasure and purpose as she takes control of my will and body.

    Your pet has complete your assignments, wearing his tag and watching your spirals.

    All for Haylee

  10. nfstephan says:

    I read, I stared, I lost 45 minutes. Love that feeling of being completely lost staring and reaching further and further into the depths. Always being drawn closer and closer to Haylee and closer and closer to that pleasure.

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