New Erotic Hypnosis Chastity/Teasing File With Discount !

Mind Cage pic

You may purchase this file by clicking HERE and visiting my store. The first 2 people to purchase and use the promo code ”  mindcage  ”  will receive 10 dollars off of this file! Enjoy~

No matter what file you listen to, or what teasing commands or suggestions that I give you, this file will make it absolutely impossible for you to masturbate while listening to my mp3s, or during my stroke commands elsewhere. Of course, even if you do manage to stimulate yourself outside of my hypnosis, you will not be able to cum! My mind cage will grow stronger and stronger, into the ultimate chastity device.

Every time you have the need to masturbate , instead of doing so, you will have a strong desire to listen to my voice or please me in any way that you can.
This is an ultimate TEASING file. Your body will be craving stimulation sooo badly, but you just realize that pleasing me or listening to me is so much better than physically stroking your arousal! I will be mercilessly teasing you though, even during this file, but you will not be able to do anything about it.

Every time you hear my voice, the mind cage effects will get stronger. The more you listen to this file, the more strong and permanent the mind cage becomes.
I do allow you to orgasm at some point (not during this file), you will find out how and when , when you listen. Of course, this comes with its own set of guidelines and rules which you will have no choice but to obey and follow. You have to EARN this privilege.

Thanks to my mind cage though, you will have the most amazing orgasm when it is allowed, but you will be left to ache and be mercilessly teased until the next time. I control you now. I control your cock and orgasms completely. This is a very REAL and powerful form of chastity. You NEED this. Aching for me, being aroused for me without orgasm will only make you more open to my training, to my control, to pleasing me. Surrender to my mind cage. You have no choice besides the ones that I am giving you.


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