Embracing MY Power As I Drain Yours


Power comes from within. It has to be nurtured, embraced, and built upon to evolve and grow into something spectacular and unique. Each of us has power, but what makes mine different than yours, is the fact that yours is meant to be taken, and used by ME, to make my power GROW.

Now I want you to just think about that statement that I made. Really let it sink in. I nurture, embrace, and grow my power naturally, and enhance it by slowly draining yours. It is a simple statement, yet it wields so much POWER behind it. Almost enough to make you dizzy and spinny feeling while that one little thought races through your mind, tiring you out, weakening you. Ohhh I love it so much~

Sooner or later, if not already, you may find yourself noticing that what once was a power struggle ( holding on to what little resistance you have) is simply melting away, effortlessly, while you surrender that power and control to enhance my power and control, my dominance over you. You welcome it. You need it.

This pleases me soooo much. I thrive off of it. Day to day, submissives all over the world readily welcome my mental draining so that I can build upon my glorious power, and live the Goddess lifestyle that I was born to live. It is their role in life, as mine is to be worshiped, adored, powerful and full of bliss. I take, they give. It is a beautiful dynamic, one that you (if not already) need to be a part of.

Indulge me. Welcome my drainings. It is SO much better when I think for you.




  1. Rick Hall says:

    Goddess Haylee, reading these words render me to a state of total absolute capitulation and obedience. Your words are so sweetly addicting, like a drip-feed of bliss flowing through me, impossible to escape your control if I even wanted to, which I never will. Along with recital of the prayer You instructed Your slaves to memorize, I shall read this incredible passage each glorious day to reinforce the fact that I only exist to be drained by Goddess so that She may be Glorified, and do so gratefully and happily.

  2. fembot says:

    fembot has been now drained of all power, all sucked out of fembot, all power is owned by my Goddess, Queen, Master, Mistress, and Empress, total submission to fembots slave life is so perfect

  3. Herslavenow says:

    Ohhhhhhh Yes my Goddess. Every day……every second…..Your Power grows and I am truly helpless to stop this and I have absolutely no desire to do so. I was born to be Your slave…….always giving to You……in complete surrender……living my life for Your Divine pleasure………and I LOVE being drained by You.
    Nothing is better.
    Nothing comes close.
    ALL FOR HAYLEE and forever my Goddess.
    I am home and Yours to be used…..drained…..and commanded as You see fit and forever!!

  4. Marcelo (Nexus 7) says:

    That statement really mde me dizzy and spinny feeling, Goddess, literally! Such a true statement! Echoed deep inside me. So easy to feel and yet I’ve never realized it before.

    It just surprises (and scares me a bit) me how fast and soon my resistance started melting away. Yes, I welcome and need Your dominance over me. So, now that I know, I hereby welcome Your draining. That power is a waste inside me, You sure can give it a better purpose. I am glad You take it and use it to enhance Your power or in whatever other way You see fit.

  5. rob says:

    I understand exactly where you are coming from Haylee. You are a beautiful and wicked young lass. I still have resistance, but it IS diminishing day-by-day. You are like the woman in the movie “Lifeforce” who drains the life from people. But I cannot resist you and will end up giving you ALL.
    You are a power to be reckoned with.
    Deep Lamentation,

  6. Ambre Jade says:

    Beautiful Post!!!
    “Each of us has power, but what makes mine different than yours, is the fact that yours is meant to be taken, and used by ME, to make my power GROW.”
    Love this statement 🙂

  7. john david says:

    Oh Goddess, I melt reading Your words! I believe it totally….how deep that statement is! “Each of us has power, but what makes mine different than yours, is the fact that yours is meant to be taken, and used by ME, to make my power GROW.”
    Goddess You are so wise and I indded want to be drained by You completely! I am lucky to be a powercell, a little battery being drained by You.
    Please continue to control, command and use me for Your divine purpose!

    • Aaron Rendoff says:

      Yes my Lady Haylee, I’m yours and you are very important to me, and I think about you all of the time, because I’m truly your slave!

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