Can a D/S Relationship Be Healing? ask me anything pt 6


Do You believe that a D/s relationship can be healing and blessed?  If so do you have any thoughts or advice to share with a submissive on nurturing the healing aspects of a sweet relationship with You?

I LOVE this question! YES YES YES YES YES! It can be one of the most healing and blessed things in the entire world~ This however, will not be the case in every single D/S relationship. It comes down to both parties involved, and how they both interact and take on the dynamic of the relationship. This takes time, patience, learning, and commitment on both parts. For the Domme, it can be incredibly healing and blissful to watch your submissive grow into the perfect slave for you. To watch him/her become the absolute best version of themselves for your pleasure most importantly, as well as their own well being. For the submissive, it can be healing to finally find where you belong. To feel free, and motivated, inspired, owned and beautifully submissive to the point of no return. The point of finally finding someone who accepts you for you, and to know that you have found your TRUE self. Not everyone is lucky enough to find and experience this in life.

It is nurturing, enlightening, and down right beautiful.

Communication is key. Be open and honest, and accept the fact that there will be ups, and downs, changes and transformations.

My advice for a submissive who seeks to nurture the healing aspects of a relationship with me is this:

Be yourself, and open yourself up to me. Listen to my guidance, and words of wisdom, and know that you are bettering yourself in every way by surrendering to me so perfectly. Spend time each day meditating on our relationship, and on your submission to me. Figure out ways that you can better yourself for my pleasure.

Be thankful each and every day that you belong to me. Wake with a smile, knowing that you have another day to look forward to, as being my submissive. Go to sleep each night with sweet thoughts of me on your mind. Do your best to please me to the best of your ability in every way possible. This is very important.

Allow my words, which are full of truth,bliss, wisdom, love and control, to fill your mind, body and soul with the comfort, guidance, and control that it needs. Express yourself often, do not hold your feelings back.

Recite positive affirmations to yourself daily. Such as ” Belonging to Haylee makes me feel better than anything” ” Submission to my Goddess Haylee is a true gift” ” I will be better today than I was yesterday” ” I worship Goddess even more today than I did yesterday” etc etc. Anything that makes you feel GREAT.

Lastly, simply know inside that this is what is best for you, and treat it as the honor that it is, knowing that I take the BEST care of my property, and healing and self growth is simply a beneficial side effect of belonging to me~



  1. john david says:

    Goddess, I love when You write something! Your words are so alive to me and hold so much truth and bliss!
    Being Yours is the best for You are simply perfect and You take perfect control of and care of me! Love You!

  2. Forever Slave of Goddess Haylee Lynn says:

    i found this really helpful! Thanks ever so much my wonderful Goddess, guide, mentor and Mistress

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