Divine Inspiration

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Inspiration can come from many sources. Beyond our inner and outer capacities and limits, and can be drawn in to our lives, in to our minds from each other, or from certain aspects of the world around us. Even the world that we create for ourselves is full of, and formed by the inspiration from experiences and desires that are before us always. Inspiration motivates, and is the driving force of so many day to day choices that we make. It quite possibly is the reason for the make up of who we are as a person, and how we reflect ourselves on to others.

Divinity means several different things to many different people. To some it means nothing. For you, those of you reading this, who chose to acknowledge the fact that I am your Goddess, your inspiration, your motivation, your muse,  I am divine, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in believing this. When you put the two together, forming a beautiful divine inspiration, you will realize that you experience a journey of never ending fulfillment, satisfaction, self growth, and self worth.

When someone tells me that I am their muse, their Goddess, their motivation to better themselves, it truly pleases me beyond words. I love to hear that I am their inspiration to make something beautiful, to be creative, to better themselves, to grow as an individual, and as a submissive. It inspires me to continue on in this path that I have chosen to take, doing what I do, and allowing more and more people to submit to me, and feel my inspiration.

When I claim you as mine, you are a reflection of me. You put yourself out there as a source under my control, for many others to see. Never forget that. I want you to feel inspired by these words, the words that show that you are a part of me, and that I am deep inside of you. You will be the best version of yourself for me. Not because I am commanding it. Not because I am hypnotically suggesting it. You will be the best version of yourself, simply because it is what will naturally happen as you find yourself being transformed effortlessly by my divine inspiration.

Your Goddess,




  1. john david says:

    I just love You! Thats what came into my mind reading this…..You are so great and deep as a person and I am so blessed to know You and worship You as my Goddess. I will strive to be my best for You…..to allow it to come out of me from within, as You are deep inside me. Your words are alive and true and Your divine inspiration flows so strong. Thank You Goddess Haylee, You are my Everything! 🙂

  2. Devoted4Live says:

    Goddess Haylee.

    First I wish to thank YOU soo much for answering my mail so fast and for allowing me to comment on YOUR blog. Thank you sooo much.

    YOU inspire me to do everything better. I will start doing everything in YOUR honor Goddess Haylee. As a servant of Goddess Haylee I cannot allow myself to be sloppy, unhygienic or lazy. It would dishonor my devotion to Goddess Haylee. I will start eating healthies and try to stay in shape. I must always present myself in the best way possible.

    You are my Goddess and my EVERYTHING. You are my Universe and the center of my existance. Like the eye of a storm, being near Goddess Haylee is where I am safe. Should I stray from the path Goddess Haylee has created I am lost.

    I do hope my chosen name pleases Goddess Haylee. If not I will change it immediatly.

    Kneels for Haylee.

  3. spellbound says:

    You so totally inspire me to be who you wish me to be. You are a Goddess. Inspiring is what a goddess does and you surely inspire those who follow you.

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