What The Divine Goddess Has Been Up To

Hi pets! It’s been a while since I had posted on here. I figured I would be generous and allow you to know what I have been up to! I took a few months to myself to just relax and heal. I have an autoimmune thyroid condition that knocks me on my ass for several months out of the year sometimes. When this happens, I spend a lot of time healing, and resting . I am always around for my devoted slaves, but I usually stop creating blissful mp3s and such. I like to be at my best for those, as I take complete pride in my work, and only produce top quality items.

Now I am feeling motivated and inspired. I am turning https://inhayleewetrust.com┬áinto a membership site along with a slave training academy. I haven’t been this excited for a project in a long time!! It’s going to be AMAZING. How excited are you? I have no ETA on when this will be finished, as it is a massive project, but holy Goddess, it will be an experience unlike any other. A MUST join site!

I am back to lifting weights, and enjoying nature. My Goddess garden is flourishing.

My slave bought home is quickly being out grown. I am enjoying accepting slave tributes to save up for a bigger, better home , fit for the one true Divine Goddess.

I am feeling more in tune with my Goddess nature every single day. I LOVE owning devoted slaves. I have been spending more time with devoted pets, and realizing how rare it is to find a slave who actually wishes to serve, vs simply jerk off to mp3s and videos. If you are a REAL slave looking for a life long path of blissful enslavement, then find yourself NEEDING to contact me and BEGGING to serve.



  1. slavejohn says:

    Thought about your new site. On corporate sites there are often pages that are not linked to by any other page on the site. And these pages can be linked to other pages. So you end up with a group of pages on the sight that are only accessible if someone gives you a link to the first page. You might use this to create levels that slaves can only access if you determine that they have completed tasks and are otherwise worthy of going to the next level. With each step you can reward slaves with exclusive images, videos or MP3s, and then assign them new tasks and assignments. You would need to map it out like a video game, but you could end up with multiple levels and multiple paths. And the best part is that you would be in total control of who gets what and where they go next.

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