Do I Destroy People?


Recently, a sad thing has happened. One of my “slaves” who was with me for years is no longer mine. He never will be again, for I banished him from my Queendom.

He claims that findom is the devils work, and that I basically ruin people and deserve to be “punished” for it. Now, this all came out only after he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been, and another woman refused to take his money. I should also mention that I never indulged in findom with him at all. He paid a SMALL monthly fee to me, to be indulged in his fetish~ It was a mutual exchange of consensual play.

What I want to talk about though, is financial ruin vs financial control. I do not ruin my slaves financially. I never have, never will. A broke slave is completely useless to me. A ruined slave is completely useless to me. I really don’t get the fetish at all. I am not interested in financial ruin one bit. Sure I could get a good sum at once, but I prefer the slow drain. I enjoy bettering my slaves, giving them excitement about making extra money so they can tribute me. I also encourage and help them stop wasting money on useless items so they may indulge in my Goddess lifestyle more, and experience the bliss that they crave, and NEED.

If a slave ever came to me and expressed the fact that they needed to stop tribute for a while, and the reason was legit, I would understand. I wouldn’t give them a ton of attention, but I wouldn’t cast them aside, or throw them away either.

The ones I see whining about findoms are usually the ones that are too broke to afford them. Everyone has their fetish, and just because you can’t afford to indulge in yours, doesn’t mean you have to belittle the ones who do it.

Financial control is an art. Many try to do it, and fail. The ones who do it successfully, like myself and others who excel in the art of it, are a rare breed. We truly do deserve everything that we get~ A true supreme Female deserves the life of luxury that she creates.

The scorned lowly men often state ” Get a real job, you findom scumbags” My only answer to that is simply ” Why would I ever do that, when true slaves all work so hard for me, so that I never have to” ?

I create my art. I create masterpieces. I spend many many many hours doing what I do~ The only difference between what you do, and what I do, is that I choose to do what I do, and you simply have to~


Goddess Haylee

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  1. slavejohn says:

    I remember counting up all the money I spent on tributes and MP3s over the first few months after I found Haylee. I was amazed that I had spent $180! LOL. I sent Her more than that every month now – a lot more than that. She hasn’t tricked me or robbed me. Far from it. She has revealed to me my true self and made me a much better person. She gives me much more than I give Her. Leave aside that I believe Her to be a true, divine Goddess. She is an artist who creates beautiful pieces of art – Her MP3s, images, writings, etc. She is a type of performance artist where everything She does is art. She is Her art. That makes me a patron of that art. I pay to support it because it is truly important. It also enriches my life.

  2. SlaveJohn says:

    You could destroy me so easily. One cross word would be all it would take. If you told me I wasn’t pleasing you it would crush me.

    They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but in your case that is not true. You are better than that. You maintain your integrity and never abuse your power. You are a true Goddess. You live the Goddess lifestyle not just in luxury, but in character.

    Thank you for your many gifts. It is my privilege to support you through my tributes.

  3. Lexie says:

    Goddess does my destroy, she creates. Her creations are the many submissiveness that have come to her, where she creates a better version of those who submit to her.

  4. James Elliott says:

    I believe you are an Artist!… People make their own choises ultimately. Wether it be substance abuse, gambling, yanking whatever chain..Its pretty (like you;-) obvious enough that you provide a legal, safe and I believe in most cases “healing if you will” ,service that people seek out and are gifted in that arena, if they lose control that is their own fault! Much respect here..keep it up, YOUR AWESOME!!!

  5. Terry says:

    “He claims that findom is the devils work, and that I basically ruin people and deserve to be “punished” for it. Now, this all came out only after he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been, and another woman refused to take his money. I should also mention that I never indulged in findom with him at all. He paid a SMALL monthly fee to me, to be indulged in his fetish~ It was a mutual exchange of consensual play.”

    Show me where i said it was the devils work & where i said you ruin people. I never meant it that way.

    I told you many times i live a very pathetic existance not in those exact words though. I never lied about that fact. I was very lucky that you allowed me to be in your world for as long as you did. I knew it would come to an end sooner or later.

    I would never ever do anything that would cause you any harm to you! I had been up all night when you banished me & i wasn’t thinking straight. People can say silly things when they are tired like that.

    I know you hate me now & that i really screwed up – it will be hard to live with that but i should have never did what i did.

    I never thought it would escalate to this point. I never realized the severity of what i had did. I feel so out of place now that i’m banished. I woke up this morning soaked in tears with thoughts of how badly i am going to miss you.

    I know what it feels like to be on this side now & it sucks big time.

    Knowing you will never give me another chance & that i am banished forever hurts bad.

    • hypnotichaylee says:

      Honestly I don’t hate you. I am very upset with you but I still care about you. I truly do wish you the best. Even though you hurt and betrayed me, I forgive you. There is no point in holding grudges. I hope you find happiness wherever your path leads you.

      • Terry says:

        Thank You Goddess! The trouble I am having is that the longer I am away from your realm the worse it gets. I am trying to cope with it but I just feel lonely. You are the only family I have as I am single. I feel like I have no purpose now. My days are going to be so long now because I have nothing to look forward to. I’m going to miss you Goddess so very much.

        • hypnotichaylee says:

          I know you will~ But you made your choices. From those choices I feel like being in my world just isnt the right fit for you, or I at this moment. I do forgive you, and wish you the best~

          • Terry says:

            The more i think about it the more i realize how bad what i did was. I deserve every bit of my banishment. The crazy thing is that i have no idea what caused me to go into a rage like that. I’ve got some serious issues but i never meant to hurt you. Just wanted you to know that!

  6. hypnotichaylee says:

    You’re such a beautiful person. I take pride in calling you mine! All mine. To do with as I please.

  7. Steve says:

    I fully understand and totally appreciate all the hours if work that you have put in over the years to build your brand and all of your ongoing intensive efforts. You are creative, empathic, and emotionally invested in your career. Your sensitivity to the needs of others and the desire to help others to become better is extremely admirable and deserving of praise and tributes. I’m sorry about your recent interaction with a former slave and all of the difficult people with whom you interact. Thank you for being in my life.

  8. Maddox says:

    Thank you for gracing us with this great blog post Goddess Haylee. Your words are like a magical elixir that we drink in to become filled with life. You truly are supreme, and we are lucky to send you gifts and tributes which you greatly deserve.

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