DEEP Hypnosis For Analytical Minds

One of the biggest complaints that I receive from people who indulge in erotic hypnosis mp3s, is that they either ” cant be hypnotized”, or cant sink deeply into trance because their mind is constantly over thinking or over analyzing everything that the hypnotist is saying. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be! To want something SO BADLY, but your mind and thought patterns prevent you from achieving this.

Well, being the AMAZING Goddess that I am, I have created something just for you. This induction WILL finally help you achieve the trance that you have always longed for. Thank Me.

This is THE perfect erotic hypnosis mp3 induction.

This is an induction that can be listened to before ANY hypnosis or regular mp3. Listen to this right before another hypnosis mp3 to ensure a DEEP trance. This is designed for the analytical thinker, who struggles with hypnotic inductions. It can be listened to by anyone who analyzes or over thinks hypnotic trance. It will crush all resistance, and help to finally achieve a trance experience that you have longed for. Listen to this if you wish to experience a deeper trance. Suitable for analytical minds, over thinkers, doubters, those who struggle with resistance, those who question hypnosis, and anyone wishing to just shut down, and drop deeply into a trance state. This can be utilized by those who do not serve me as well, as it is a very effective induction with no suggestions of worship or serving Me. I want this to be able to be used by anyone who struggles with achieving the trance that they are aching for. I highly suggest having another mp3 in que right after this induction so you can experience true hypnotic bliss!

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