17 mins

Crystal Clear 3D Audio. Feel me as I speak to you. Whispering directly into your ears.

This is a DIVINE training file. Sacred blissed words to penetrate your subconscious mind any chance that you get. This is designed to be listened to while you are doing anything that is safe. Browsing the web, watching tv, laying around, etc. My divine teachings are going to penetrate your entire existence and make you mine even more. I am utterly irresistible. I am everything. I am powerful. You are weak. You belong to ME. You are property. Every way, Every day, you are MINE MINE MINE to do with as I please. Listen to this as often as you can. My teachings are the one true way to fulfillment~ You are home with me~ <3 If you have any questions or concerns regarding the teachings in this file, then consult with your Goddess~!

This file is FREE along with MANY others for my onlyfans! It is truly the best site I have! https://onlyfans.com/hypnotichaylee



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  1. slavejohn says:

    I no longer sleep without listening to Goddess Haylee’s MP3s. Not sure I could even sleep anymore without her sweet voice in my ears and her control of my mind. But this file is different. It is one that I can listen to in trance or not. So now I not only listen to Goddess throughout the night as I sleep, but now while I am awake. I begin each day listening to this file. I repeat it over and over while I read my email and begin my work day. It seems so appropriate to begin each day with the words, “Every day, every way, I belong to Haylee.” (I am listening to it right now as I write this!). I love it. I love being a slave to Goddess Haylee.

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