Dales Story


I wanted to share with you all, a story that one of my obedient slaves wrote for me.

It was the weekend , Mother’s Day, and after work my roommate took me over to his parents place. When we got there I was introduced to everyone, and when I got to his sister she was so very beautiful. Long golden hair, green eyes, and when she spoke, a soothing siren hypnotic voice she had. I looked at her and I felt I was being drawn into her eyes and then as we shook hands and I felt a sharp point on my hand but could not take my eyes away from hers.

My roommate interrupted and took me away. As we went to the back yard to help cook, he said to me “you will want to stay away from her, she is trouble.” I shook my head yes but was feeling inside of me so weak and aroused by her. We finished cooking and when it was time to eat, all of a sudden I was sitting next to her. As we ate, I could feel her hands slide onto my leg, and then felt her Long Fingernails scratch my leg, working its way up and down, going inside of me and digging into my arousal that was in my pants.

I was through with dinner and felt so weak because of what she had done to me with her nails. I Got up and was cleaning up my plate, putting it in the kitchen when I turned around, and there she was, standing in front of me.  Telling me to stare into her eyes and listen to her voice. You can not resist I know this, I feel this, you want to give in, you want to give yourself to me. I want to take and control you, all of you she said.. Again my roommate saved me, he took me back to our place once the event was done.

My roommate went to work the next day and as soon as he left, she came in.  I was startled as she came up from behind me and scratched my back so softly. I fell to my knees as she did this.  She came around to the front and smiled at me < Good boy> she said. I want you there on your knees for now. I have something for you.  With a quick move of her leg as it went over me, I now was facing her wet pussy. She had me lick her, and told me that her pussy juices will be the love spell and addiction that she has on me. I can not resist her. I did as she said, and now I had her juices inside of me.

She then took me into my room, and had me lay down. She layed next to me, and  took away more of me . My mind, my body and when she finaly finished I gave her my soul. Mistress Haylee is in control of me now and forever. I belong to Mistress Haylee now and forever, I willingly give myself to her and surrender all of me to her.




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