Looking for a few creative writers! Free mp3s


I have received many emails over the past few years with scripts for hypnosis and fetishes, written by my fans, slaves, and admirers. I always said that I would only record MY personal scripts, but now I am open to having a section on my store where I sell mp3s using scripts wrote by a few good writers! I will of course still be creating  my own personal masterpieces, but I thought this would be fun too. This also gives many people a chance to indulge in my products who cant afford to purchase them, or who have custom ideas but are unable to purchase a custom mp3.

Plus, you will get to hear so many things that youve wanted to hear me say for so long IF they are pleasing to me 😉

If you are interested, here is what it consists of.

Email me at hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com letting me know that you are interested.

You will write a script (hypnosis or non) for Haylee or Vox, and I will read through it. If I like your style, I will email you a form to fill out. This will be stating that no one else will see this script, and that you are not expecting ANY reimbursement or monetary gains for giving me this script. It will also state that you understand that I will be recording and selling it on my stores. I also will be adding/removing anything I see fit~

Once the mp3 is recorded by me, you will receive the first copy free.

Email me if interested!

These mp3s will also be priced cheaper than my original ones!

( Keep in mind, I will most likely be writing the hypnosis induction, I like to do those MY way. If I really like one you send, then I will tweak it suit my style. So if you are not familiar with hypnotic creations as I am, just send script material for after the induction has been placed by me)


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