Congratulations To The Winners Of My Latest Free Erotic Hypnosis Contest !!!

Congratulations to the two free erotic hypnosis  contest winners!!! One chose the free erotic hypnosis mp3Commit to Submit” for his prize, and the other chose a free erotic hypnosis session with me, which he will be indulging in later tonight 😉

I absolutely LOVED all of the entries that I received!! Many of them were very sexy, and some were things that I most definitely would do to a slave in person 😉 Yum. I’m getting hot again just thinking about it 😉

I was very pleased with the amount of participation on my free erotic hypnosis contest, that it has motivated me to do more. So look out for more contests in the future, the more people who listen to me, and submit to me..the more pleased I am..and it is your duty to please me. Pleasing me is your ultimate pleasure. Tell me that pleasing me is your ultimate pleasure!!

And as always..if you have a creative, pleasing idea for a contest..or just ways to please me in general..leave a comment, or email/msg/call me!



  1. Ramy Mondy says:

    Hello Mistress ,
    I am always hear your hypnotic words ,day after day and time after time , I became very very submissive , I am now empty mind and always obey your words and hear all Mp3 , I am now 100% submissive by you ,I am now writing to you and I am standing up I respect you Mistress , I wish you can read this and all I want to please you , I want you to give me anew name for my self , I am really Brainwash, I will be waiting and i will obey

  2. Hypno Slave John says:

    Miss Haylee, thank you so much for this enslaving, generous contest. Your mp3 has taken me deeper than anything else ever has. I commit to submit to you now and forever. I can’t wait to listen to my prize mp3. You own my mind, my body, and everything else that I have to offer to a beautiful, hypnotic woman like yourself. You own me. I commit to submit to you.

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