Computer is DEAD! Hiring slaves to build me a new one ;)

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Update– All of the parts have been purchased! So excited and pleased to know that I soon will have a slave built computer~ What lucky slaves~

So it has finally happened. My beloved computer has succumbed to her true death! Luckily I have all of my files backed up, but am going to need several upgrades to be back up and running on my computer! I am using my laptop at the moment, which I HATE, and naturally a Goddess should have the best of the best, and her work set up should inspire and motivate~

I am giving you the ultimate honor of EXTREMELY pleasing me by helping to build a new computer for me, one that was even better than my beloved! 😉 View my wishlist below to please me.

You may also send in amazon giftcards to knowing they will be used to build this computer as well.

For those who please me with this, and purchase the items directly, you will receive a $100 coupon code to be used on mp3s/tasks/assignments and photos from my online store. Just let me know if you are one who purchases. Once I have the item/s, you will be rewarded with the coupon code!




  1. Glenn hass says:

    Today I relaxed doing 3 hours of work on making my manager schedule while listening chanting with the mind melting mantra . Then I went on line to read your words, and was devastated to find your computer had died. So I went toyour store and bought 3 more mp3 . I so hope this pleases you . I so want to be your good boy

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