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Get Lost In My Eyes

Enjoy this wonderful gift made my hypnodelica.  I want you to spend many moments here losing yourself in my eyes. Allow all thoughts to wander, and fade away as they please. You will find yourself coming here over and over again, increasing your addiction to me, and allowing the aching NEED to serve, obey, spoil, and please me GROW.

Get lost in my eyes, only to be FOUND where you truly belong, as MINE to do whatever I wish to/with~



  1. Claud says:

    I cannot help but get stuck staring into your eyes, my goddess Haylee! Every time I see your image I can’t help but aching for you and my hand slides over to my penis without even thinking about it. but I just ache wanting you. Please mistress let me release. I want to for you as my tribute! I am yours and I will wait for you to tell me when I can come!

  2. searcher111a says:

    Lost in the spiraling enchantment Mistress.You are so beautiful and your are deeply mesmerizing. Thank you for this mind melting vision.

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