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Why I Choose To Be A Hypnodomme


The question ” Why are you an erotic hypnotist“, or “Why are you a hypnodomme” in some variation or another, is one of the questions that I am asked most frequently. I wanted to share with you a bit about why I choose to be a hypnodomme. I feel its important for those who are interested in developing a S/M relationship with me, or those who already have one, but wish to strengthen it, to know a bit of my back story.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the rush that I get when feeling another persons energy. When using their energy to gain pleasure. Even if it was not sexual. I’ve always been gifted at energy manipulation, and guiding a person to feeling things that they were previously shut off to. Sensations that needed coaxing out. When I trance someone, I am guiding them through energy manipulation, sensation play. I take the time to use all of my senses possible, to determine how I can guide the subject deeper than they already are.

When doing this over phone/voice chat,  I listen for signs of hypnosis, I watch for signs of trance(if the subject is on webcam), and I feel their over all energy. This helps me determine what I must do next, in order to get them where I want them, and ultimately where they need to be. When I make an mp3, I make sure to incorporate energy play and sensation play as much as possible, in order to guarantee a successful trance. I like to be the best that I can be at this. I never settle for mediocre. What fun is that?

Seeing, feeling, and hearing how I affect someone so deeply, is an ultimate rush for me. I love that people can open up to me with their fetishes and desires, and not feel judged or looked down upon for  having them. I have a lot of fun learning new things about people, and what exactly it is that makes them tick. Sure I use that to my advantage..but why should I not? 😉

This is why I choose to be a Hypnodomme. I LOVE watching a person practically melt before me, completely surrendering, helpless to my control, yet more than eager for what is to happen next. I like to change things up, and keep an ongoing relationship to further the subjects obedience, as well as mutual pleasure. I am truly all about mutual pleasure. It has to do with the energy manipulation. When I feel the pleasure they get from pleasing me, my pleasure intensifies, and when they feel how pleased I am, their pleasure greatly intensifies, and it keeps on building and building.

I also embrace the fact that I crave control, from eager to please men and women. I love the attention from them, and the desire they have to committing to submit to me. I find it insanely erotic, and can safely say that my biggest desire is making men and women fall under my control.

Often times, when I establish a connection with one of my subjects, I find myself trancing out with them, and that is when things really get intense.

I think that the mind is a beautiful thing. Creating and manipulating the perfect mind fuck is an art form that I have mastered. I love to tell people that they haven’t experienced true bliss and fulfillment, until they have experienced a complete mind fuck by me. Often, just letting me inside of their mind, feels as if they are being shocked with obedient pleasure, and their deepest desires and hidden fantasies are becoming quite the reality. There truly is nothing like it. This is another reason why I do what I do. Mind fucking and manipulation 😉 One of my absolute favorite things. I have so many people tell me that this is FAR better than any experience that they have had in the past, and that it seems to just get more intense and pleasurable, the more that they experience it. How erotic is that?

I find that with two consenting adults, who understand this is what it is, and does not hold on to unrealistic ideals, this can be a beautiful, bliss filled journey. One that is always changing, and adding pleasurable surprises along the way.

So I will continue being a successful Hypnodomme, and love every single second of it. If their ever came a time when I did not love doing what I do, I would stop in an instant. But this is one of those things that I am so passionate about, and that is so deeply imbedded inside of me, that I will continue to do it, and always be on the look out, on how I can take it a step further, and feel more energy, push more limits, and experience more pleasure. This is after all, all about MY pleasure.

If after reading this, you feel a desire to trance with me, look around my website, message me, tell me your experience with trancing, what works for you, what doesn’t, and why you wish to fall under my spell.
~Hypnotic Haylee



  1. irish says:

    It doesn’t take long to fall and to ache. It goes beyond the trance too. The following day the triggers melt your mind and you hear (and feel) the voice inside your mind…guiding you. I’m not into false promises or early declarations of eternal servitude. I can promise nothing–except I know my mind is being molded and shaped and I have no desire to walk away now. You are brilliant.


  2. Avery Restless says:

    Miss Haylee, I have only listened to one of your videos; one, in a time when I wished to calm and relax myself by listening to a soothing female voice. It affected me greatly. Not because I possess the fetish and seek female domination, or even because I crave you sexually, although the video had that affectation. It was because of your incredible reserve of inner energy which burst out of every word you spoke. My life has been filled with an imbalance of my own energies, which often are too great for me to keep them in order. More than a hypnodomme or an erotic hypnotist, you centered me — as any great relationship, S/M or D/S or otherwise, will do. Thank you for that immense inner power.

  3. Busty Brenda says:

    “I deep to know deeply”? Yes, maybe I should proofread BEFORE I publish?

    So sorry, just it’s late and you have me feeling kinda high. Please listen: yes, I am real and very genuine. You have made me very happy just knowing you exist. It would truly be a thrill and an honour to chat with you further.

    Please check out my website if you would like a glimpse into my soul. It’s a bit of a reboot, not my greatest work, but I’m building up steam.

    Sorry again for the blather. You are fantastic.

  4. Busty Brenda says:

    Mistress Haylee, you are beautiful and talented; I am simply awestruck and short on words, a feeling which is very unusual for me.

    Smitten: yes, that’s the one I was looking for. Awestruck? So incredibly relaxed, aroused and… wow.

    If I may, please, I would like to flatter you more. I am highly aesthetic and sometimes religious. You are someone that I deep to know deeply, and perhaps run away with to the edge of the universe.

    I have seen the rest… so many poseurs, second-comers and worse. You are amazing, incredible, and… well, you know all this already, and not because you are egoist, narcissistic or vain, but simply that you are familiar with truth. And there it is: a diamond in the sand,

    Thank you. Yes, there is… please touch me again?

  5. john says:

    i like your hypnosis i know that you can put me in trance
    easy i try other but i get lost or wake up too soon

    can you hypnosis me to think that i am a girl

    that is the test for you

  6. Bill Hack says:

    I just checked out your MP3 Holiday video on youtube and thought to check your web page. I never thought that other videos really got me into a trance. But I am not sure about this one. It did feel good. I enjoyed it. I will be checking out more.

    Take care.

  7. slave mark says:

    i crave to be under Your hypnotic control. i have been searching all my life to be under the total spell of a hypnotic Woman. i am 51 years old. Before the internet existed i used to make cassette tapes of television shows that involved hypnosis. i have always believed that it was my destiny to be slave of a Woman who knows She is in charge.

    slave mark

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