Now is your chance to ASK ME ANYTHING!


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I receive so many questions a day, and I love it. That means that you are thinking about me, and taking the time to learn more about me. I thought it would be fun to throw up a form where you could ask me anything you’d like. It can be about absolutely ANYTHING!

Every once in a while I will Pick a few questions, and answer them in a blog post and on My twitter ! This is so much fun for me, so get to it!

Your questions are anonymously received.



  1. slavedennis says:

    Dir Mistress goddes Haylee,

    I lisen every night and day to yore sesions.

    Im dennis 46years old from holland. and heve an relation for 20 years with my wife.
    But I want to be yore slave.
    Can you help me and braimwash me so I can lief here.

    Im a 24/7 sub slave and want to live in slavery

    I have only cash mony.
    We heve the same bankacount she see how I spend my mony. When I sent cash mony she dont no It.

    I dream al my to be hypnotised by an dominant Godess.
    I like when you are use me and make me complete slave and there are no way back.

    Thats my whis and dream every day about you mistress Godes

    Please want you help me to step in to yore power and hell

  2. Please grant me a name says:

    I stumbled upon your videos on you tube… after the first video, I swear there was only your voice in my head for a whole week. I could barely wait to get back home and then listen to your videos for hours. At the end of each of them you instruct us to replay… and that’s what I did … for hours.

    I later found you on twitter, and you instructed me to join your follow+. I did immediately.
    There you asked us to take part of the experiment audio… and that’s what I’m doing now!

    I have no idea what you did to me!

  3. Steve Cooper says:

    I don’t know how this happened but it has. I watched one you tube video out of curiosity and now I just can’t put my phone down and every, I mean every, spare minute I am searching for haylee. My body is throbbing and my brain confused, fighting between a desire ….. To serve….and alternately ‘No’ …. It’s a mental battle and it feels like I’m losing, or is it my subconscious winning?

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