Now is your chance to ASK ME ANYTHING!


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I receive so many questions a day, and I love it. That means that you are thinking about me, and taking the time to learn more about me. I thought it would be fun to throw up a form where you could ask me anything you’d like. It can be about absolutely ANYTHING!

Every once in a while I will Pick a few questions, and answer them in a blog post and on My twitter ! This is so much fun for me, so get to it!

Your questions are anonymously received.



  1. Please grant me a name says:

    I stumbled upon your videos on you tube… after the first video, I swear there was only your voice in my head for a whole week. I could barely wait to get back home and then listen to your videos for hours. At the end of each of them you instruct us to replay… and that’s what I did … for hours.

    I later found you on twitter, and you instructed me to join your follow+. I did immediately.
    There you asked us to take part of the experiment audio… and that’s what I’m doing now!

    I have no idea what you did to me!

  2. Steve Cooper says:

    I don’t know how this happened but it has. I watched one you tube video out of curiosity and now I just can’t put my phone down and every, I mean every, spare minute I am searching for haylee. My body is throbbing and my brain confused, fighting between a desire ….. To serve….and alternately ‘No’ …. It’s a mental battle and it feels like I’m losing, or is it my subconscious winning?

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