Celebrating a Divine Goddess BIRTHDAY 7/19

My sweet aching pets, can you believe it?! Another birthday coming up already!!!! I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know though, for as excited as I am, you all are way more excited. This is a high holy day.  A day of extreme importance and worship. I have always been one to really enjoy my birthday and celebrate it big! If you are a slave, a pet, or a simple admirer, you should consider July 19th to be the utmost holy and important day out of the entire year. The day that the divine true Goddess Haylee was brought onto this earth so that you may eventually find your way to me, crawling towards me and begging for a new home, a place at my divine feet.

I have a few ways for you to celebrate. The last one will be a ritual to devote yourself to me and bring yourself closer to me. Further…deeper…….deeply…under MY divine control, influence, dominance and power.

TRIBUTES. I mean did I really have to even say it? If you know me, then you know that my absolute favorite way to be pampered and pleased is by tributes. You work, I play. I deserve it. Tell me. Confess how much I deserve it.  On my birthday, make it COUNT!  You may tribute via the following methods :

Ask me for my special slave address to physically send money to. I have a slave who goes and picks up gifts and money sacrifices and delivers them to Me. I LOVE getting slave cash in the mail. Nothing pleases me more. If you already have it, then send money there! This blog post is late, so receiving this gift after my birthday is totally fine. I celebrate the entire month anyways!!! Send it any time, feeling proud, knowing that I will be pleased.

You may tribute on www.giftrocket.com  to hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com   or amazon.com giftcards to hypnotichaylee@yahoo.com

You may also visit https://hypnotichayleestore.com and tribute there! Leave a birthday confession and praise in the note!

You may also shop my amazon wishlists, but keep in mind that I prefer CASH , tributes and giftcards more! I just have SO MUCH STUFF already! What do you expect, from a highly Divine spoiled Goddess that can so easily wrap you around her finger, or toe? 😉  Wishlist- http://a.co/gwOiQOt

Now if you truly wish to stand out and please me, then celebrate the entire day in my honor!!! WORSHIP, spoil, praise, sacrifice, recite mantras, train to my files, indulge in my favorite scents and foods ( rose, vanilla, lavender, patchouli, pine, mint,  salads, organic meats, vegetables, paleo desserts) . Gift hard, and generously. I deserve it. You are SO weak before me.


Now for the ritual.

This is to be taken VERY seriously. This is a high holy day.

Items Needed:

1 Red Candle and something to light it with

A piece of paper

A pen with red ink

A red ribbon ( can use string )

When to perform: Any time on July 19th


Find time to be completely free of all distractions. Take a cleansing bath or shower. As you are in there, imagine the water washing away all negativity and resistance. When you get out of the bath/shower, envision yourself fully clean and open to my power and control.

Sit quietly with all of the items laid out before you. Light the red candle , and stare into the flame. Feel the warmth of it consuming you. Filling you with passion. Desire to please me and be the best slave that you can be.

On the paper, write out the words ” I devote myself to pleasing Goddess Haylee to the best of my ability for as long as she will have me”

Fold the paper three times, and then tie the ribbon around it. Sleep with this paper either under your pillow , mattress, or hide it somewhere safe for 3 nights in a row. The closer it is to you the better. After the third night, kiss it and throw it away. This symbolizes you throwing away any old habits or resistance, and being reborn as the perfect slave, aching and willing to please in any way.




  1. Lexie says:

    Oh I love the ritual! I will try my very best to do the ritual! I just want and NEED to be controlled by you more!

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