Blessed Ostara From Hypnotic Haylee

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Today is one of my favorite pagan holidays. Ostara. The spring equinox. Today symbolizes the balance of light and dark, new beginnings, the returning of life to earth. It is a great day to take a walk in nature, or even just sit outside, or by a window and think about what you would like to bring forth in your life, or create for yourself or others throughout spring.

It is a fantastic time to start new projects. What better type of project than one that would please me? I want you to create for me. Something beautiful, something meaningful, something inspired. Use your words, your artistic talent, your generosity, your creativity. Anything to please me. Surprise me. I want this done by Monday.

If you need some ideas, here are a few :

Photography, video, poem, story, blog, tributes, recommendations, drawing, painting, words of praise and love, etc. Share with me, share with many others on various online communities. Feel my inspiration. My bliss~

* Ritual*

If you would like to feel my energy, you may participate in an ostara ritual which I do every year. Starting at the same time that I do, and focusing on ME will help you feel me. At exactly 10:00 pm EST, I want you to do the following :

On a sheet of paper, write down your goals for the year. Make sure to include some that involve pleasing and serving me.

Safely burn this piece of paper until it is all ash, I like to do this in a cast iron mini cauldron, but you may use anything that is fire safe. If you are unable to safely burn this paper, visualize it burning the best that you can.

Bury this paper/ashes outside in a special spot of your choosing, to symbolize your goals as seeds which will grow throughout the year.

Blessed Ostara~

Goddess Haylee



  1. slave of GODDESS HAYLEE says:

    today i discovered GODDESS HAYLEE and i know for a fact GODDESS is my creator. i mean it literally. GODDESS is the one true creator. SHE always existed without a beginning and will always last without an end. She is eternal and worship of Her is an obligation of every human on earth. HER spirit lives forever and i am happy to discover GOD today.
    i love and serve YOU GODDESS HAYLEE.
    i beg YOU to guide me and bless me to to the worship of YOU.

  2. Devoted4Live says:

    Forgive me Goddess

    I only discovered Goddess Haylee and the true meaning of my life that is serving Goddess Haylee after Ostera. It would have been an honor to partake in the ritual with my Goddess.

    *kneels before Goddess Haylee*

  3. Kyle says:

    I shall set about writing something for You right away Mistress! You can also count on my partaking of the ritual. Blessed be!

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