Black Hole Mind Erotic Hypnosis mp3

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31 mins

This file starts off with a VERY deep, lengthy induction, using several true and effective hypnosis techniques to take you down DEEPLY, into a deliciously relaxing trance. While there, I use visualization and sensory techniques to implant a hypnotic black hole inside of your mind, and as you know, anything that enters a black hole, can not escape. No matter what. Can you just imagine what I can do with this power? Soon you will find out.

The black hole of your mind, is associated with pleasure. Every time I fill up that hole, you feel more and more pleasure. You love having that black hole fucked by My commands and suggestions, knowing that they have no way to escape. Permanent suggestions, commands, triggers and post hypnotic suggestions will remain there forever.  Oh you NEED to listen to this right now!






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