1. aching4haylee says:

    I wasn’t going to even mention my birthday, but boy so glad I did! Some presents are priceless, and this is one of them! A picture of the perfect feet of my perfect Goddess is so so special! Haylee really knows me and knows how to move me and make me ache so much for HER and makes me so weak! My jaw is sure this morning because it hit the floor so hard when I saw the photo!
    And the video, to me, was totally over and above what I would’ve even thought! Haylee is just too sweet and kind and yet so thoughtful and great! I loved the video and watched it over a dozen times already!
    So Goddesss Haylee gave me my three favorite things, her feet, her eyes, and her voice! I love love love her voice! Its my addiction!
    Haylee, I love you and you know already, but I need you mri and more. Your control and submitting to you is what I want and need. Thank you for makinge your slave, play thing, boy toy, workerbot, and whatever else!

  2. AmbreJade says:

    What a wonderful gift You have given him! And Your post is lovely too 😉 The gift being Your control over him, he is lucky to have such a fantastic Goddess!

    • john david says:

      Maitresse Ambre, as you just stated, I am so lucky to be Hers! Never want to take it for granted, but I will strive daily to show her how grateful I am for her divine, stern, caring and masterful control over my mind, body, and emotions……well, all of me!

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